San Francisco, CA — Prepd is about to revolutionize lunch packing and as marketers we should take notice.

Prepd is an “intelligently designed and beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart recipe app.” It’s a complete system; from the recipes and grocery lists that enable you to smartly prepare a weeks worth of lunches to the modular design that allows you to efficiently pack and carry. In addition, they’ve created a social aspect for the community of Prep’ers that are undoubtedly going to want to show off their recent purchase as soon as it ships in July.

Take a look at their product video here:

So why should we take notice?

Why it Matters: 

When it comes to crafting communications products and beyond-the-bill services for our brands, Prepd is a great example of what could be. Here’s a couple of my favorite qualities that we can ask ourselves about the experiences we create:

  • The Prepd system helps their customers become instant experts with very little effort.
  • They take into account the entire journey from the grocery store to sharing a meal on social media, and deftly move their customers along it.
  • They emphasize design and craftsmanship (and just flat out look cooler than their competition)

About the Author:

Jeffrey Giermek