Columbus, OH – It’s difficult to imagine, with the current news around drug prices and the generally negative opinion on DTC advertising, that the reputation of Pharma might actually be getting better but it turns out it is. A recent poll from the Reputation Institute found that the industry has improved their reputation in 2016 both globally and in the U.S.

How does this poll explain the numerous other reports that have shown the opposite? There was one key difference with the Reputation Institute poll: they polled people who were familiar with 14 of the top pharma companies while most other polls do not take this familiarity into account.

Why this matters:

This learning points towards a BIG opportunity: the more people know about pharma, the more likely they are to trust it. Corporate and franchise level communications can be a critical driver in communicating a company’s values and proving how you deliver on your promises – and the value that can have in improving overall brand sentiment and leading consumers to recommend your products seems pretty clear. Pfizer recently did just that with their national TV spot showing their drug discovery process and we expect others to hop on this trend soon as well.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Giermek