Columbus, OH — This post was inspired by a little YouTube war: colleagues taking turns (and butting heads) showing the videos that inspire them.

It quickly became a challenge. Perhaps “The Challenge” to our future success as an industry in creating experiences that overcome years of inaction. Inspire new commitment. Create routine. Give hope.

The challenge is this: Can we realize all that technology can do and still deeply understand all that people experience?

Our innovation team brought this video to the debate. Developed by Microsoft, it shows the potential of technology to deliver greater relevance, ease of use and seamless interaction:

The creativity team countered with Moments by a Daniel Mercadante, Will Hoffman, Julius Metoyer, a filmmaking team in the redwood forrest. It samples hundreds of incidental moments, the tiny and immense experiences that make up a life.

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

Watched together, they’re a beautiful contrast: What we can do and who we should do it for. What do you think? Which is the most important to the kinds of experiences we need to create to change minds and change outcomes?

Posted by: Leigh Householder

About the Author:

As Managing Director of Innovation for Syneos Health Communications, Leigh is responsible for shaping the company’s perspective on the next era of healthcare marketing. Through thought leadership, strategic innovation workshops and new products and capabilities, Leigh focuses on identifying marketing approaches that will fuel that new era and generate significant growth for clients. Leigh has worked with Fortune 1000 companies to craft their digital, mobile, social and CRM strategies for over 17 years. She’s worked for category-leading agencies in retail, public affairs, B2B technology, and higher education. Prior to moving to Syneos Health Communications, she had several leadership roles at one of our agencies, GSW. There, she founded an innovation practice fueled by the zeitgeist and spearheaded digital and innovation thinking across the business. Leigh has taken a special interest in complex healthcare products that can change lives in meaningful ways. She was recently a strategic lead on the 3rd largest launch in pharmaceutical history: Tecfidera. Before that she had keys roles with Eli Lilly Oncology, Abbott Nutrition, Amgen Cardiovascular, and Eli Lilly Diabetes. A critical part of Leigh’s work is trends and new ideas. Every year, she convenes a group of trend watchers from across our global network to identify the shifts most critical to healthcare marketers. Leigh is a sought-after writer and speaker. Recognized as one of the most inspiring people in the pharmaceutical industry by PharmaVoice, Leigh also was recognized as a Rising Star by the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) for her overt passion, industry thought leadership and significant contributions in new business, strategy and mentoring.