Brussels, Belgium – Parkinson’s patients slowly loose their fine motor skills which diminishes their daily lives and has created a stigma causing embarrassment and harassment. With over 10 million people living with Parkinson’s worldwide, The Flemish League for Parkinson’s set out and created a campaign to not only raise awareness, but combined the campaign with therapy for patients.

Writing daily helps Parkinson’s patients maintain their fine motor skills. The Write Thing for Parkinson’s campaign encouraged people to send a text message to a loved one via and in turn, Parkinson’s patients hand wrote the messages on a campaign postcard creating awareness about the disease and a ripple effect as recipients then sent in their own messages. In all, the campaign created over 1,200 hours of writing therapy to date and created awareness backed by celebrities, television and social media channels. Watch the case study here.

Why This Matters:

This is an exceptional example of taking a campaign beyond the overall message by creating an action that people could easily support with the patient at the core of the action. With patient centricity on the rise within healthcare advertising, this example showcases human interaction by utilizing print and digital and a great way for patient involvement with therapy and help remove the stigmas.

About the Author:

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