For decades, consumers have been showing more and more willingness to pay higher prices for products designed with more sophistication. This new aesthetic expectation elevation is a trend we’re following in 2017 and is driving brands in retail, health, and CPG to rethink the aspects of their experience through each of the senses to create packaging and experiences that delight. This is true even when the product isn’t something consumers are excited to buy.

Which is where pharmaceutical drug packaging comes into play. The traditional blister packs and orange/red-tinted bottles leave little to be desired. And the instructions are vague leaving some to forget, misunderstand or not adhere correctly.

Daiichi Sankyo Europe set out to change this barrier by creating new packaging (over 199 different versions to be exact) based on patient surveys. They discovered top opening was way easier than side opening for elderly patients and they also included easy instructions within the packaging that makes it a breeze to follow the correct schedule and administration. They also included a QR code on the box to scan and find more information when applicable.

Why This Matters –

As the trends we follow evolve, it is always interesting to see how brands take it to the next level, especially in healthcare. This is a great example of getting ahead of a customer’s expectations before they realize they need better drug packaging. As with anything in a highly regulated environment, the expectation is to accept it as it is. But Daiichi took it one step further to not only help brands become more appealing but to increase adherence to help patients live better lives.

About the Author:

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