Start in real life: That’s where healthcare really happens

Changing behavior requires understanding the realities of everyday life and health. Our behavioral insights team understands the context that shapes individual behavior. As healthcare professionals, they're deep in the science. They're also always learning. Syneos Health conducted a longitudinal ethnography project, called American Life and Health, that has taken our behavioral insights team into the homes of families who are dealing with acute and chronic diseases to understand what motivates and challenges them.

With clients, we leverage behavior change principles to understand patient and physician behavior in three key areas: motivation, opportunity and capability. That helps understand what is driving their actions and informs the necessary interventions. The result: ideas grounded in proven, credible science, which can be transformed into a seamless, engaging experience. 

In short: ideas that can help people keep the health commitments they make for themselves with support that understands all the influences in their personal journeys.


  • Patient Engagement
  • Behavioral Research and Strategy
  • Behavior Change Consulting and Training
  • Message and Content Development
  • Behavioral Journey


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Kathleen R. Starr, Managing Director