Connect in their world: People increasingly learn about healthcare from each other

From new possibilities to potential diagnoses to everyday support, they start on the screen. So do we.

Creating a digital and social experience starts with understanding your audience, not just as patients, caregivers or healthcare professionals, but as people. Through behavioral insights, social listening and Dialogue RoadMAP, the Digital & Social Strategy group understands the human behind the healthcare. And being an organization solely focused on health, the group appreciates the complex and regulated environment in which companies must operate.

Our process focuses on uncovering the insight that reveals the human behind healthcare and developing a strategy and experience to match their needs, across the digital spectrum.


  • Audience Mapping
  • Stakeholder and Influencer Mapping
  • Dialogue RoadMAP (assessing motivators, actions and preferences)
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment and Support
  • Social Media Listening

New York City

50 W. 15th St.

New York, NY 10011


Chris Iafolla, Head