Hires Bolster Syneos Health Branding Agency’s Naming Capabilities & Brand Design Work

Zenmark Founding Partners Greg Balla and Rob McDaniel have joined Addison Whitney, a Syneos Health® agency and leading global branding firm rooted in brand naming.  Zenmark, founded in 1999 in San Francisco, has authored multiple exceptional pharmaceutical product names such as Taltz, Repatha and Trelegy. Greg will step into the new role of Vice President, Client Experience and Rob, a new role as Verbal Strategist. 

Zenmark’s creative spark comes from Greg’s background as an electrical engineer with a knack for marketing insight and Rob’s acumen in advertising and screenwriting.Notably, they created and defined the new field of Verbal Design. 

Bringing Greg, Rob, and the Zenmark legacy to Addison Whitney is another material step forward in the agency’s strategic plan. Their new roles both cement the firm’s current, elite naming capabilities, and strengthen the bridge of naming to Addison Whitney’s complete Brand Design capabilities. 

“Greg and Rob built an agency on the understanding that a brand name must trigger the soul of a brand, and that brand name isn’t just one of the earliest commercial deliverables, it’s an opportunity to dream and capture a story.  Their work is some of the most creative and strategic in our industry,” said Joe Daley, President, Addison Whitney. “At Addison Whitney, we are fully focused on brand name as an elemental part of Brand Design. Greg and Rob are the perfect complement to our team.”  

Addison Whitney welcomed Greg and Rob in May. Both will continue to reside in the bay area augmenting the agency’s presence on the west coast.