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Those providing unpaid care to loved ones (collectively called “caregivers”) are vital stakeholders in the ever-evolving ideology of patient-centric practice. Unfortunately, this group is heterogeneous and largely misunderstood—often painted with the same brush and afforded little dimension to who they are and what motivates their choices.

To truly understand caregivers and what lies beneath the surface in their experiences and perception, Syneos Health conducted an online survey in August 2018 with caregivers in the United States. The 1,380 respondents represented a convenience sample of online panel members who opted to participate.

This first body of work gathered an incredible wealth of knowledge, but we knew that it was merely one facet of the caregiver landscape. The next phase of research needed to build on what we were beginning to understand about the caregiving experience and further explore the dynamics of the caregiverpatient relationship. Specifically, we want to understand how caregivers use their experiences, attitudes and motivations to influence discrete aspects of the patient journey.

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