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Connecting with Caregivers | Perspectives

Part of our Caregiver Insights Series.


Understanding and Addressing the Unique Needs of Caregivers | Perspectives

Caregivers are an integral part of care teams and are involved in everything from medication choices to adherence strategies.


10 Apps For Caregivers | Blog

There are more than 34 million unpaid caregivers providing assistance to someone who is ill or with a disability and approximately 21% of U.S. households are impacted with these responsibilities.


A New Tool for Connecting Caregivers | Blog

Last year we reported on a growing trend—the “caregiver crunch.”


Mixed App Adoption Rates Among Caregivers | Blog

New research from Parks Associates reveals some interesting information about the usage of care-related apps in the caregiver population.


The New Caregiver: Working, Digital, Stretched | Blog

Pew Research recently reported that almost 40% of Americans are acting as caregivers, up from 30% in 2010.


Infographic | AI's impact on patients and caregivers | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications team surveyed around 800 patients in three disease areas (atrial fibrillation, breast cancer, and Type 2 diabetes), as well as 200 Parkinson's disease caregivers.


Trend Tracking: Caregivers Are Micro Influencers Too | Blog

Researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis recently announced a new tool available for Alzheimer’s patients’ caregivers – a ‘friend-sourcing’ app to help make more meaningful connections and open a new door for communicating and supporting one another.


December 2018: 5 Lessons Learned from Caregivers: Are They the Missing Link to Patient Centricity? | Newsletters

Our new report based on a study with 1,380 people shares five lessons from the caregiver experience that illuminate key considerations surrounding effective caregiver, and ultimately patient-centric, communications.


Remember the Caregivers: Thanks to Aging Boomers, They're Pharma's Next Key Demographic | In The Media

Check out this FiercePharma article where Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Insights and Innovation at Syneos Health, elaborates on the opportunity for pharma to do a better job of interacting with a very powerful healthcare advocate: caregivers.


What We Can Learn From Caregivers—The Missing Link to Patient Centricity | Perspectives

Latest report highlights 5 lessons on reaching caregivers and patients with relevant and resonant messaging.


HxP Picks: Gaming, NFC, caregiving, more | Blog

Don’t miss all these great finds from our contributors, including a potentially huge break-through in cancer care, a big trend of men as caregivers, intriguing new ad formats, a new take on junk food, and more.


The Syneos Health Podcast: Caregivers | Perspectives

It’s just one word.


MM&M Webcast: What We Can Learn From Caregivers—The Missing Link to Patient Centricity | In The Media

Syneos Health conducted research to better understand the burdens created for caregivers and identify specific information on resource gaps that could proactively be addressed by healthcare companies.


Why We Need To Care For The Caregivers | Blog

We talk a lot about the rise individualized medicine― but that is really a misnomer.


CES - Digital Health Summit - Solving Wicked Problems | Blog

The next two sessions of the Digital Health Summit were focused on healthcare related to caregivers.


Together in HF - New Social Patient Community by Novartis | Blog

As patient centricity continues to become more of a focus for pharmaceutical companies and their brands, Novartis recently launched a dedicated social network for heart failure patients and caregivers called Together in HF.


When It Comes to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Patients Fear the Replacement of Doctors, Yet Are Open to AI Nurse Support | In The Media

New Data from Global Survey Reveals Expectations and Concerns of Patients and Caregivers Confronting a Future with Artificial Intelligence


The Syneos Health Podcast: Advocacy Archetypes | Perspectives

Listen and learn about the five types of advocates (the Caregiver, the Creator, the Citizen, the Magician, and the Rebel).


AI UK – one year on | In The Media

In autumn last year, we started researching our research paper Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement, informed by a survey of over 1,000 patients and caregivers across the EU and United States.


Pharma and AI: Help doctors with AI assistants but don’t try to replace them | In The Media

This FiercePharma article highlights our new AI research where we surveyed approx. 800 European and American patients in 3 disease areas – atrial fibrillation, Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer – and approx. 200 caregivers for people with Parkinson’s disease.


An Infographic Look at: Social Medical | Blog

More and more, you are likely to have conversations with your caregivers online, either sitting at your computer or on-the-go with your mobile device.


More from CES Digital Health Summit | Blog

Looking back over my notes on CES, I realized there was a common thread to some of the talks that weren’t really focused in this particular direction.


Virtual Humans = Better Outcomes | Blog

Health and wellness conversations are challenging on all fronts.


The Cancer Support Community - A Patient Driven Network Of Cancer Support | Blog

Supporting people living with cancer is a top priority for any organization and individual working in the cancer space.


The Week That Was: No Rest for the Wicked | Blog

You think you’re busy?


Artificial Intelligence | Perspectives

An AI wave is poised to transform healthcare with examples ranging from supercomputers identifying hard-to-diagnose cancers; robots assisting surgeons with complex procedures; and chatbot therapists supporting patients with cognitive behavioural therapy.


Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement | Perspectives

Over 2017, Artificial Intelligence became a mainstream topic of conversation, with industry, investors and the media discussing its possible impact on all areas of our personal and professional lives.


Empowering patients to focus on their care, not their claims | Blog

In today’s day and age, health insurance has become even more challenging to navigate.


Empathy (Continues To) Win | Blog

It is no secret empathy within advertising, if done correctly, can be a powerful motivator to drive and change behavior.