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Give the Gift of Health This Father’s Day | Blog

It’s been shown over and over that women utilize healthcare services way more than men, being 33% more likely overall to visit a doctor.


Clear, Consistent Healthcare Communication: Lessons from COVID-19 | Blog

Patients are often at risk when presented with mixed messages.


Mind These Unintended Consequences of Easy Access to Information | Blog

Maybe you’ve spent some of your career working on initiatives that empower patients to make sound health decisions, such as by developing quality content that’s easy for them to find.


How the Behavioral Science of Feedback Can Improve Healthcare Decisions | Blog

One of the more adaptive features of how humans are wired is that we don’t have to think about each and every thing we do.


Mindset Engine POV: Less Is More - A Lesson in Facilitating Motivation | Blog

In 2022, the FDA took a large step toward helping nearly 30 million Americans with mild-to-moderate hearing loss engage in healthy aging by allowing easier access to hearing aids.


Getting Through to Oncologists Based on Their “Need for Cognition” | Blog

Take a cursory look at the agenda for next month’s ASCO, and you’ll see oncology’s newest innovations—and promise—come with ever-increasing complexity of choices.