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eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2018—Staring with Trust? | Blog

Live from EFP ‘18: Today, eyeforpharma Philadelphia opened with one word: trust.


eyeforpharma 2018: All the Highlights | Blog

A few weeks back, five colleagues and I attended the 16th annual eyeforpharma conference in Philadelphia.


eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019 Opening Session Takeaways | Blog

Live from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019— eyeforpharma Chairperson Paul Simms kicked off today’s conference with 5 bold predictions for our industry.


eyeforpharma Barcelona Recap: “The Evolution of Patient Collaboration” | Blog

This year’s eyeforpharma Barcelona continued notwithstanding COVID-19 constraints, featuring virtual panels of experts across a range of industry fixations.


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Insight Driven Patient-Centricity | Blog

Interested in how life science companies are approaching patient-centricity at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020?


Solve Big Problems with Conventional Thinking, Said No One at eyeforpharma | Blog

Live from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019— why pharma needs to defy conventions in problem solving in order to drive change and impact.


What Can Pharma Expect in 2019? | In The Media

In this eyeforpharma article, David Thompson, SVP, Real World and Late Phase, at Syneos Health, says that pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs) will be a growth area in 2019.


Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Patients | In The Media

In this article from eyeforpharma's Trends in Patient Centricity magazine, A.


EyeForPharma 2017: All the Highlights | Blog

I recently joined five colleagues and hundreds of collaborators for a conference focused on how our industry can be a more trusted partner to patients, advocates and the HCPs involved in their care.


eyeforpharma Barcelona recap: “Create a Digitally Enabled Field Force to Meet Customer Expectation” | Blog

eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020 panel – Create a Digitally Enabled Field Force to Meet Customer Expectation – convened leaders from GSK, Roche, and Sanofi to discuss the ever-evolving role of the sales rep.


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Inspire New Value in Healthcare through Tech Innovation | Blog

An inside look into where tech innovation is bringing real value to healthcare and how pharma brands are keeping up with the pace.


Join the Dots or Lose Out, Syneos Health Advises Big Pharma | In The Media

Erwin De Cock, principal for real world and late phase development at Syneos Health, speaks to pharmaphorum at the eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona about our Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model and the increasing importance of real-world evidence.


The Innovation Gap | Blog

Paul Simms, Chairman of eyeforpharma kicked off his annual conference with a call to arms: We have an innovation gap.


eyeforpharma Barcelona Recap: “Conduct Your Evidence Symphony” | Blog

With earbuds dangling, leaders dialed in from all over the globe to share their expertise with one another and listeners on Zoom.


4 Pathways to Action on Increasing Field Force Effectiveness | Blog

Live from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019— a look at "Field Force Effectiveness in a “Many-to-Many” World".


Eyeforpharma 2019: Dan Spacie | In The Media

What pressures are prompting changes in commercialization and in what ways do pharmaceutical companies need to change in order to keep up?


Amazonian Innovation: It’s as Easy as 3-2-1 | Blog

Before this year’s 16th annual eyeforpharma convention even officially began, Amazon was there, empowering pharma leaders by teaching them new ways from their approach to innovation.


Can’t we all just get along? | Blog

This was the ask (well, plea) from self-defined “medical mom” Meredith Hardy during this morning’s eyeforpharma panel focusing on developing effective patient support ecosystems.


EFP Philly 2019: How to Engage IDN Customers in Meaningful Conversations about Value — a Panel Discussion | Blog

Live from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019— Brandi Greenberg, Managing Director of Life Sciences Research Advisory Board, hosted a panel of experts from across the life sciences space.


Lost in Translation: Why Your Teams Don’t Execute Your Strategy | Blog

Live from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019— A dozen fresh soundbites from a panel of pharma executives exploring the gap between strategy and execution.


‘Value’: A Baker’s Dozen Fresh Quotes from Today’s Industry Execs | Blog

Live from EFP ‘18: The closing session for eyeforpharma ’18 brought the story full circle.


Top Patient and Advocate Quotes for Pharma from eyeforpharma ‘18 | Blog

Live from EFP ‘18: This afternoon, a panel of 5 patients, advocates and pharma-patient connectors engaged in a discussion titled, “Where is the trust?


Who's Getting Pharma Apps Right? | Blog

Why is it that pharma apps don’t get the same downloads and usage as apps from other industries?


Identifying HCPs by Name at Your Website | Blog

David Reim, Chief Product Officer at DMD, started his #efpphilly talk with the big question: why are sales reps still the gold standard of physician engagement?


Google Health: We no longer go online. | Blog

David Blair, Head of Health at Google, came to #efpphilly to talk about nothing less than the fusion of our digital and human lives.


Patient-Finding Approaches for Rare Disease | Blog

Mark Baglin, Vice President of Global Marketing at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, works in ultra ultra rare diseases, like Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis.


From Instinct to Evidence | Blog

I had the pleasure of joining Patrick Richard on the #efpphilly stage today to talk about a new path for innovation in pharmaceutical marketing.


Achieving Social Media Success: How Other Pharma Brands are Doing It | Blog

In this session of efp Barcelona 2020, two of the biggest names in pharma, MSD and Roche, shared their own unique digital experiences in hopes of teaching and inspiring others.


Adherence Starts With Hope | Blog

Laura Barry, Senior Director Customer Insights, Analytics and Experiences at Abbvie believes emotional connections can be made in the digital space.


Creating a Culture of Measurement | Blog

David Lennon, VP & Franchise Head for US Oncology at Novartis, showed the #efpphilly crowd where we’re at as an industry with technology and data and where our opportunities lie for greater collaboration.

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