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Health Insurance and Innovation: No Longer Mutually Exclusive | Blog

This startup has envisioned the health insurance system of the future.


What If You Understood Your Health Insurance? | Blog

Next month, New York state will begin open enrollment for its health insurance marketplace.


ICER Report on Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Puts Spotlight on Payers/PBMs | Blog

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) recently published its first Assessment of Barriers to Fair Access report examining coverage policies of 15 major commercial insurers


In A Time of Insurance Uncertainty, Oscar Health Goes All In | Blog

Despite an unknown future for the Affordable Care Act, Oscar Health is doubling down with an innovative partnership with Cleveland Clinic and plans for expansion in three new states.


Mental Health: An Insurance Industry Perspective | Perspectives

In more than 15 hours of interviews, executives at managed care organizations covering more than 59 million lives talked about issues that are top of mind for mental health patients, including medication access and psychiatric care.


A $550 Reward Isn't Enough to Drive Behavior Change, so What Will? | Blog

A recent study published in the journal Health Affairs found that insurance premium-based financial incentives failed to help people lose weight.


Empowering patients to focus on their care, not their claims | Blog

In today’s day and age, health insurance has become even more challenging to navigate.


How payers and manufacturers can find common ground in rare diseases | Perspectives

Health insurers have raised challenging questions about how drugs for rare diseases are defined, regulated, and priced in the U.S. market.


The Duplicity of Mental Health Coverage and One City’s Initiative | Blog

Only in recent years have insurance companies been mandated to provide equal benefits for mental health as they do for general medical care.


Aetna and Apple Partner to Embed Wearables in Healthcare | Blog

Last week, Aetna announced that it is pioneering a unique initiative – the health insurance giant will be the first in its industry to help subsidize the cost of an Apple Watch for some of its members.


What mega-mergers in the insurance sector mean for pharma | In The Media

Danielle Bedard, President, Managed Markets Communications, shared her thoughts in this sponsored article with STAT on what the CVS-Aetna and Cigna-Express Scripts mergers mean for the biopharma industry.


The Week That Was: "I don't know" x 600 | Blog

Plus, some new healthcare policy updates impacting insurance coverage.


Perspectives on the Cigna/Express Scripts Deal | Blog

The recent announcement that health insurance company Cigna agreed to buy Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefit manager in the United States, has sparked further discussion & debate around the increasing amount of consolidation taking place in healthcare industry.


COVID-19: How are Payers Managing These Days? | Perspectives

Our team at Syneos Health Value and Access talked to 20 pharmacy and medical directors representing national and regional payers, insurers, IDNs, and hospitals.


Non-Personal Promotion: What Do Payers Want? | Perspectives

We talked to national and regional payers, insurers, IDNs and hospitals to get a complete picture of key challenges, unmet needs and information sources.


An Overview of Co-pay Accumulator Programs | Blog

This year we have seen insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers (eg, UnitedHealthcare and Express Scripts) implement a new program: the co-pay accumulator.


The Week That Was: Put Your Font to Work | Blog

But what are some of the reasons why more and more Americans are going without health insurance – and what does that mean to the industry?


What's Taking up Physicians' Time? | Blog

As we know, physicians are incredibly busy, and a new analysis from Health Affairs has found what one of the key contributing factors of their busyness is: physicians spend on average 15.1 hours per week gathering info that helps insurers keep tabs on quality of care.


The UnLonely Project: An Age-Old Problem Tackled by a New Age Solution | Blog

Therapy and psychiatry costs tend to be high and many insurance plans cover only a small portion of those services.


A Sad Peek Behind the Curtain into US Physicians’ Views | Blog

Last month, the nation’s largest physician-owned malpractice insurer published results from a major survey focused on the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of doctors today—and the results were sobering.


RX Savings Finder – New Tool from CVS Aimed to Reduce Drug Prices | Blog

To help instantly compare your insurance plan against available therapies to help lower (potentially) the overall expense associated with your medication.


Digital Tools, Behavior, and Mental Health Goals | Blog

We’ve seen everything from suicides of survivors of gun violence and Olympic athletes to class action lawsuits against health insurance companies for negligence of mental health care.


When Drug Pricing Communications Go Wrong | In The Media

Effective value communications in an era increasingly defined by an increased attention to price.


The Latino Demographic: Considerations for Pharma Marketers | Blog

(Latinos currently make up 17% of the total population, and is expected to increase to almost 30% by 2050. – Pew) In a recent Forbes article, Nicole Fisher highlights 5 Reasons that Latinos Could Be The Most Powerful Transformation Of The U.S.


DPE15: You're All Underdogs | Blog

Think of an industry that’s highly regulated.


Innovation in Consumer Health Requires Reimagining the Category | Blog

An exploration of how different sub-sectors of Pharma ought to be approaching innovation in consumer health.


Employer-Based Clinics: A Win-Win | Blog

An hour with the doctor?


Why do you Choose a Doctor? | Blog

In a recent article by the executive chairman of Vitals, Mitch Rothschild wrote about what is being done to measure the quality in healthcare, but more specifically how that effects patients.


WalMart May Enlist Doctors to Help Beat Amazon in Tug-of-War | Blog

To retail behemoths, the health care realm is growing irresistible.