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Patient USA: Ten Motivating Quotes | Blog

Nearly 70 speakers took the stage over two days to inspire the crowd at the Patient USA conference.


Patient USA: The Delmar Divide | Blog

Emmanuel Fombu, Medical Director at Novartis was definitely one of the most dynamic presenters at Patient USA.


Uber Increases Patient Outcomes | Blog

Each year, around 3.6 million patients across the USA miss at least one appointment due to lack of access to transportation.


Patient USA: The Patient Voice In HIV | Blog

Frank Spinelli, Medical Director of Patient Affairs at US ViiV Healthcare started his career in private practice.


Patient USA: Bringing the Patient Voice to Novartis Trials | Blog

In 2015, Novartis made a bold declaration for what patients should expect from the company in areas ranging from clinical trials to access to medicines.


Patient USA: The FDA on Minorities and Clinical Trials | Blog

Martin Mendoza, Director of Extramural Research, Office of Minority Health at the FDA, shared a perspective on inclusion and diversity in clinical trials.


Patient USA: How Sanofi Used Patient Insights To Build Coach | Blog

Anjali Trasy, the Global Head, of Patient Engagement Strategy at Sanofi asked has patient engagement come of age?


Eli Lilly Slashes Prices of Two More Insulins | Blog

Pharmaceutical companies across the globe are finding the channels through which they can get desperately needed treatments to patients in need at humane prices.



Since the fall of 2015, and against a backdrop of harsh media attention to pharmaceutical pricing, patient advocacy groups that form partnerships with pharma companies have received negative coverage in The New York Times, USA Today and other publications.


Robot Announces Fatal Prognosis to Bay Area Patient | Blog

Ernest Quintana knew he had long suffered from a deadly lung disease when he was rushed to the hospital, but the news of his imminent death still profoundly shocked him and his family—not because of its grimness but who delivered it: a robot.


New Tools and Partnerships: The Necessity of Optimizing Patient Care | Blog

The general perception is that the healthcare industry has lagged behind with innovations using technology and service design.


It’s Not Easy Eating Greens | Blog

In the largest multi-state food-borne E. coli outbreak since 2006, at least 84 people across 19 states have been infected with E. coli from romaine lettuce in the past month.


Top 10 Posts of 2017 | Blog

Join us in celebrating our best ofs, tops and faves in this list of the top 10 posts of 2017.


The Week That Was: Opioid Pledges Get Renewed Coverage | Blog

Our team kept an eye on a number of stories about opioid “pledges,” top-line data communications and, as always, drug pricing.


Medical-Science Moments by Dr. | Blog

This edition of Medical Science Moments features research and other news on: CRISPR gene editing to treat human diseases; New approvals for CAR-T cell therapies; Stem cell therapy for heart failure


Medical-Science Moments by Dr. | Blog

This edition of Medical Science Moments features highlights from the recent ASCO conference.


The Week That Was: From our lips, to Amtrak’s ears | Blog

Headlines about the Senate Finance Committee’s bill are everywhere.