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Healthcare advertising and communications group inVentiv Health Communications has appointed Julie Adrian as managing director for its European operations.


Immuno-oncology is fundamentally changing what value means | In The Media

How will the pharma marketing, educational and service model adapt in response to redefined value in immuno-oncology?


Speech therapy | In The Media

Duncan Arbour, SVP innovation at Syneos Health Communications, writes about speech therapy in this PMLiVE article.


Six degrees of participation | In The Media

Alex Brock, our head of digital in Europe, comments in this PMLiVE article about patient empowerment and the concept of Participatory Medicine.


What makes a meaningful brand? | In The Media

Adam Tilly, manager of brand strategy at Addison Whitney, a Syneos Health company, writes about the purpose of a brand in this PMLiVE article.


Flight path: the long-haul journey | In The Media

“Providing the overall direction for the company is the most important leadership responsibility.


The true potential of mobile health tech | In The Media

In this PMLiVE article, Alex Brock, our head of digital in Europe, writes: “Technology is really an enabler.


Reaching the new influencers | In The Media

Duncan Arbour, our SVP Innovation in Europe, talks about pharmaceutical and medical device companies transforming their Medical Affairs functions in this PMLiVE article.


Indefinable, incomparable and enduring: the value of creativity | In The Media

Sinead Murphy, our Creative Director in UK, contributes in this PMLiVE about creativity in pharma.


Advancing women in healthcare | In The Media

Syneos Health hosted Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association's (HBA) meeting for a roundtable of women healthcare leaders.


Revenue down the back of the beanbag | In The Media

In this PMLiVE article, Liam Mulvihill, HR Director of Syneos Health Europe Commercial Solutions, writes about how to engage with employees to create a sophisticated strategy.


Leave or remain? | In The Media

This PMLiVE article delves into six things that employers can do to retain their best employees.


Trust me, I’m from pharma | In The Media

This PMLiVE article delves into how pharma can work to enhance its reputation.


AI UK – one year on | In The Media

In autumn last year, we started researching our research paper Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement, informed by a survey of over 1,000 patients and caregivers across the EU and United States.


Lonely planet: why there is dwindling value in pharma travelling alone | In The Media

This PMLiVE article delves into why collaboration is the best way forward for pharma.


Nudge-nudge, think-think | In The Media

This PMLiVE article examines the complexities of human behaviour and what it means for developing behavioural change programmes.


Relearning launch: Four key dynamics for pharma launches in 2019 | In The Media

Syneos Health examines some of the key trends shaping industry launches in 2019 and beyond.


Launch Trends 2019 | In The Media

Thunicia Moodley, Senior Engagement Manager, Syneos Health Consulting discusses key 2019 trends for pharma launches in this PMLiVE article.


PMLiVE's Q&A: Nicola Walsby | In The Media

PMLiVE's Gemma Jones interviews Nicky Walsby, Managing Director PR UK at Syneos Health Communications.


25 Women Leaders in UK Healthcare | In The Media

Pharmaceutical Market Europe publishes a special feature on 25 women leaders in UK healthcare.


We Are Number 3 on PMLiVE's List of Top 40 Creative Healthcare Agencies | In The Media

How does Syneos Health Communications rank when it comes to creativity in the UK healthcare sector?


Creativity in Storytelling: Why Pharma Must Invest More in Creativity | In The Media

Justin Holloway, Head of Client Strategy, Communications Europe at Syneos Health, joins Chris Ross at PMLiVE to explore the value, the art and the much-rumored death of creativity within the pharma industry.


It Started With a Miss | In The Media

Sabine Dettwiler (MD, Commercial Advisory Group, Syneos Health) discusses how companies can complete the journey to launch excellence and the importance of optimising resources in Chris Ross's latest PME magazine article.


Could Coronavirus Re-shape Learning and Development in Pharma? | In The Media

An insightful PMLive article by Yvonne Ash (VP Learning Solutions) focusing on the evolving role of learning and development, and how to prepare for a new digital age in pharma.


Breaking Free to Achieve Meaningful Behaviour Change | In The Media

In this PMLiVE article, Amit Dhir, our Insights Lead says: "With patients’ day-to-day behaviours, moods and emotions constantly changing, it’s only by understanding contextual factors that we’ll be able to design interventions that are nuanced, targeted and crucially used."


Healthcare Trends 2020 – the Biggest Shifts Changing Lives and Life Sciences | In The Media

There’s a saying among journalists that twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend.


Escaping the spin cycle of sub-optimal launch | In The Media

This PMLiVE article focuses on four broad areas that pharma should consider to prepare best for launch.


How Long Does It Take to Go from ‘like’ to ‘Hate’? | In The Media

Duncan Arbour, SVP Innovation, Syneos Health Communications Europe, shares his thoughts on social media regulation and says that pharma’s ‘move slowly and take care’ approach to social media may not have been such a bad thing after all.


Diagnosed Anywhere | In The Media

Leigh Householder, EVP / Managing Director of Insights and Innovation at Syneos Health, writes about the uptake of diagnostic tools in this PMLiVE article.


New Strategic Blueprint: The New First Questions | In The Media

Latest PMLive article features Thunicia Moodley (Senior Engagement Manager, Consulting) outlining the new strategic blueprint, from Syneos Health's 2020 Health Trends, and how development and commercialization of novel therapies and innovations will change in the next year.