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15 Pharma Trends for 2020 | In The Media

Real World Evidence, patient centricity and new digital experiences are among the top 15 trends set to change clinical research and treatment commercialization in 2020.


Integrated commercial deployment in life sciences and other 2020 health trends | In The Media

Taken from our 2020 Healthcare Trends Report, this article explores integrated commercial deployment in life sciences.


2020 Health Trends | Perspectives

The Biggest Shifts Changing Lives and Life Sciences


Trends Update: Healthcare In the 2020 That No One Saw Coming | Perspectives

Our 10th annual trends report came out just over six months ago— in what may now feel like a distant world.


Healthcare Trends 2020 – the Biggest Shifts Changing Lives and Life Sciences | In The Media

It’s probably safe to say that it’s not just a trend – it’s a crucial one.


The Trust Deficit - Blockchain Toward Transparency | Perspectives

Vanela Bushi (Director, Portfolio & Transaction Strategy) discusses one of the Trends 2020 - blockchain as a source of trust.


New Strategic Blueprint: The New First Questions | In The Media

Latest PMLive article features Thunicia Moodley (Senior Engagement Manager, Consulting) outlining the new strategic blueprint, from Syneos Health's 2020 Health Trends, and how development and commercialization of novel therapies and innovations will change in the next year.


PHARMA TRENDS 2020—2025: Four Headwinds Driving Healthcare Transformation — and What We’re Doing | Blog

How COVID-19 and 3 other barriers will transform healthcare over the next few years.


How Pharma Can Fight Social Determinants of Health | Blog

In 2020 Health Trends, we called one of the major emerging developments in healthcare “Acting on Equity,” and it was about all the ways in which healthcare’s stark inequalities were getting new attention from leaders in life sciences.


The Syneos Health Podcast: 2020 Health Trends: Box Store Healthcare | Perspectives

The point of care has been steadily shifting away from where the clinic exists to wherever the patient goes.


Carbon-Negative by 2030: How AstraZeneca Will Do It | Blog

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), AstraZeneca announced a powerful new initiative comprised of a five-year plan and a ten-year plan.


The Poseidon Smart Mirror is the New Health and Wellness Hub at Home | Blog

Debuting at CES 2020, the AR-based smart mirror leverages immersive technology that connects with personal care devices, apps and professionals to help consumers make smart choices about their health – all from the convenience of their home.


Here are a Few Changes We Can Expect to See in Our World After COVID | Blog

COVID-19 has accelerated the rate at which we’re seeing change happening around us.


Tailoring The Voice To The Task | Blog

Should pharmaceutical brands think beyond the traditional voice options and add personality and even choices based on each individuals preference?


How Digital Innovation Has Changed Our Approach to Mental Health | Blog

With more than 10,000 health and wellness apps available today, we explored the ways in which digital innovation has transformed the expectations consumers have for how brands solve for mental health challenges.


Emerging Tech Poised to Impact Chronic Disease Management | Blog

Tech startup Movano developing next-gen smartwatch to effortlessly track glucose levels.


Fresh Stats—Pharma/Healthcare Digital Ad Spend | Blog

eMarketer’s latest numbers on Pharma’s digital ad spend are in, and the word of the day is growth.


DPE15: Merck Workshop Uncovers Innovation Opportunities | Blog

Fabrizio Caranci, Director of Channel Innovation at Merck, started out with this super fact from John Chambers, CEO at Cisco: by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet.


Lyft Offering (Some) Free Rides to the Hospital | Blog

Nonprofit hospital system Partners HealthCare has unveiled a joint venture with Circulation, an on-demand rideshare service, through which Medicare patients receive free rides to their doctor’s offices in non-emergencies.


New Shift in Point Of Care Advertising | Blog

In an article last week, MM&M reported a surge in Point Of Care (POC) investments such as Goldman Sachs and Alphabet’s $500 million financing into Outcome Health and PatientPoint receiving $140 million in June.


Masks & Sharks: What Are Your Plans for July 4th, 2020 | Blog

The way we think about and celebrate summer has dramatically changed since this time last year.


A Cookie-Free World, or What You Can Do to Avoid Putting Your Marketing Efforts on a Diet | Blog

At Adexchanger’s recent Identity Day, part of a virtual series about trends in data-driven marketing, one hot topic was the announcement of the end of third-party cookies from Google.


BIO International 2018 | Perspectives

We’ve pulled together for you all our best thinking from our Reputation & Risk Management team - comprised of healthcare communicators, policy-shapers and crisis response specialists.


The Week That Was: 2019 Edition | Blog

There’s something for everyone complete with a few predictions for 2020.


Hey Siri, What’s New in Voice Search? | Blog

Digital assistants are increasingly finding their way into most homes and as a result, voice searches are changing the way brands think of SEO.


Post-Traumatic Growth and How We Move Forward From COVID-19 | Blog

COVID-19 has changed the way we think, live, and work.


The Fast and The (Mobile) Friendly | Blog

For many of us, the front door to our business is our website.


With Recent FDA Approval, Bose Expands into the Healthcare Industry | Blog

You may know Bose for their cutting-edge speakers and audio tools, but soon they’ll be known for something else.


How Many Things Are You Doing Right Now? | Blog

Matt, Mike and I recently teamed up to build a presentation on ten of the most intriguing trends we’re following right now.

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