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Pricing Front and Center | In The Media

Leslie Isenegger and Paul Tyahla, Reputation & Risk Management, were featured in the "Pricing Front & Center" article in the January 2018 edition of PharmaVOICE.


Insulin Prices Halved by Eli Lilly | Blog

Responding to rampant criticism of rising drug prices, pharma giant Eli Lilly will begin selling an authorized generic of its preeminent insulin therapy, Humalog, at half-price.


GoodRx and Iodine Bring Transparency To Drug Pricing | Blog

With a low public tolerance to drug pricing in the recent news, two companies joined forces to help combat the difficult subject when discussing pharmaceutical pricing: transparency.


January Drug Price Increases Fuel Continued Scrutiny; Underscores Need to Communicate Pricing Factors | Blog

With a global pandemic, rising inflation, and continued political pressures, drug pricing will undoubtedly remain a big focus in 2022.



Meg Alexander, Managing Director of our Reputation & Risk Management Practice, writes about how to avoid the price crisis in this article for PM360.



The industry and the Department of Health and Human Services presented different visions of what greater pricing transparency looks like in the future, complete with separate proposals of how and what information should be shared with consumers.


Drug Pricing Reform Legislation Resurrected by Democrats | Blog

Drug pricing legislation continues to forge ahead with a significant healthcare proposal back in play.


When Drug Pricing Communications Go Wrong | In The Media

Effective value communications in an era increasingly defined by an increased attention to price.


The Week That Was: Could President Barbie Take on Drug Pricing? | Blog

How could the recent impeachment inquiry effect drug pricing legislation on the Hill?


Eli Lilly Slashes Prices of Two More Insulins | Blog

Pharmaceutical companies across the globe are finding the channels through which they can get desperately needed treatments to patients in need at humane prices.


A New Drug Price Deal Signals Significant Policy Shift | Blog

This month policies aimed at lowering drug prices are back on the table.


Required List Price Disclosures on TV Pushes Pharma Further Into Digital | Blog

Department of Health and Human Services calls for pharmaceutical companies to display drugs’ list prices in their TV commercials.


Novo Nordisk Joins Allergan in Their Commitment to Limit Price Hikes | Blog

Rising drug prices have been quite a hot topic this year.


The Scrutiny on Rebates and Prices Will Change the Pharma-Payer Relationship | In The Media

John Seay of our Managed Markets Communications team spoke with PM360 about proposed HHS changes and the impact they will have on rebates and pricing.


Prescription Drugs Covered under Medicare Part B Scrutinized as Part of ICER’s Annual Unsupported Price Increase (UPI) Report | Blog

As anticipated, the drug pricing watchdog group, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), published its fourth annual Unsupported Price Increase (UPI) Report on prescription drugs in the United States.


COVID-19 Kicks Drug Pricing Down the Road | In The Media

Meg Alexander, head of the reputation and risk management practice at Syneos Health, and Jeff Stewart, managing director at Syneos Health Consulting, teamed up with MM&M to discuss implications of COVID-19 and the upcoming US election on drug pricing.


From Cheers to Jeers; Stakeholders Scrutinize Price of Amylyx ALS treatment | Blog

Now, cheers are turning to criticism, after the price of the drug was announced by the company this morning on their investor call.


Drug Pricing Regulatory Action Near Certain | In The Media

Drug pricing regulation is on the horizon and it could affect everything from marketing to pipelines.


Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson First to Convey List Prices in TV Commercials | Blog

Two pharma leaders, Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson, have begun disclosing product list prices in their TV commercials, taking the plunge that many brands are still approaching nervously.


New Hospital Collaboration Aims to Manufacture Generic Drugs To Reduce Pricing | Blog

Over the past several years, we have all grown accustomed to the drug-pricing-war headlines.


Orphan Medicines: Averting Price Debacles And Winning Payer Support | In The Media

In this collaborative piece, Meg Alexander, Managing Director of our Reputation & Risk Management practice and Susan Suponcic, Managing Director of our Pricing and Market Access practice, highlight misalignments in perception that derail access to orphan drugs.


Ian Read, Len Schleifer Hug-It-Out Following Drug Price Scuffle | Blog

No, the CEOs of Pfizer and Regeneron are not shaking hands and working it out following their heightened rhetoric about drug prices two years ago.


State-Level Drug Pricing Policy Accelerating: Life Sciences Companies Can Contextualize Value & Access to Policymakers | Blog

While federal drug pricing reform in the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) is stalled at the Senate, states are taking the issue into their own hands.



There’s no doubt the “pricing crisis,” has taken a heavy toll on the reputation of the biopharmaceutical industry.


The Week That Was: Alexa, what do you know about drug pricing? | Blog

Instead, we’ve got a look at some of the drug pricing bills that could make it to the floor of the U.S.


Price chopping, PFDD & PABNAB | Blog



Can A New Value Framework Help Ease Friction Over Orphan Drug Prices? | In The Media

Leslie Isenegger, Principal Strategist for Reputation & Risk Management Practice at inVentiv Health Communications, addresses the topic of orphan drug pricing in this article published in Pharmaceutical Executive.


Olympic Gold, Pricing Pressure & Alzheimer Treatments | Blog

Spent last week watching Shaun White win his third gold medal?


Two new therapies and a pricing pledge walk into 2018… | Blog

The Week That Was is back in the New Year, with a new look and new company name: Syneos Health.


Drug Price Executive Orders: What to Know, What to Do | Blog

What impact could the 4 healthcare-related executive orders that President Trump signed last Friday (July 24) have on the pharma industry.