Cannes, France – Six colleagues and I are just headed back from the biggest event in creativity: Cannes Lions. This is the fourth year they've had a special conference and award show focused on health and life-changing creativity. The work that's recognized on this stage uses action, partnership, advocacy and bold new ways to change thinking and impact behavior. In other words, it's what we all aspire to.

Of course, we couldn’t wait to bring you all the best from the short-listed work and speakers from around the world. Let's celebrate what we’ve accomplished as healthcare marketers and challenge ourselves to do even more.

Three Bold New Inventions Seen At Lions Health

A remote speaker that can help coma patients recover faster, non-surgical adult circumcision with a ring, and AI glasses that let people with Alzheimer’s know their families again.

5 Can't Miss Videos From Cannes

The awards stage was crowded with winners accepting Lions for video work that moved the audience with laughter, tears and surprise. We collected five of our favorites from across the show. Watch ready to feel. 

Social Centricity: Beyond Patient Centricity

In healthcare, we talk a lot about adherence. But, as brands, our role is really helping support change: How do we help people act on the health decisions they’ve made for themselves? inVentiv Health spent 2 years with 30 families to find out.

Lesson Learned: A Cure For Reputation

Ed Harnaga, VP, Corporate Affairs at Pfizer, started out his talk with a reality we've all struggled with: pharma does so much good and yet it elicits so much hate. He gave us an inside look into a campaign designed to earn respect from society.

Four Break-Through Education Ideas From Cannes

How do you change someone's mind? Four brands at Lions Health helped overcome the barriers of indifference, certainty, and fear to create educational moments that gave people the room to really explore.

Bringing AI To Pharma Relationships: AZ, Babylon Health and NHS

AZ, Babylon, and the NHS have the largest deployment of artificial intelligence in the world, supporting 1.5 million people near London. Babylon's CEO gave a demo of just how powerful mobile based AI support can be in diagnosis, delivery and support. 

Granting Change: How Abbvie Is Supporting Healthcare Sustainability

Fiona Olivier, Head of Public Affairs in Europe and Canada at Abbvie, shared three specific examples of how Abbvie is identifying challenges in the healthcare system and building partnerships to effect rapid, meaningful change.

Facebook: New Functionality and Policies For Pharma

Facebook announced key new ways it's serving the pharma industry, including new services and policy exemptions. Allergan joined Facebook to talk about how they're leveraging that platform to connect with and actively support patients. 

Four [MORE] Bold New Inventions Seen At Lions Health

A bracelet that changed the way families think about vaccines, a playroom for kids that’s a workout for parents, a nutrition-Rx from a railroad, and AI that’s prompting better in-train-station nutrition for busy commuters.

Give A Care With Rethink Breast Cancer

What do you do when someone you know gets breast cancer? The team at Rethink wants everyone to have that answer. Their thoughtfully designed products were created to give just the right support.

Three Creative Nudges from Cannes

The hardest thing to do is to change human behavior. That doesn't stop us from trying. Around Cannes, we saw smart ideas on how to fit into people's lives and build on health behaviors. These three ideas, though, they're all about clever interruption.

How Did Tostitos End Up at Lions Health? 

Walking around the exhibit hall at Lions Health, I was surprised to see a familiar snack on the wall: Tostitos. Not just on the wall, but on the short list for creativity. How did that little chip get here?

Problem Solving in the Post-Guru Era

In this era of acceleration, everyone wants more ideas faster. There's no time for experts to go away and chef up answers in isolation. Instead we need more integrated and nimble approaches. Langland and MIT each own new rituals at Lions Health.

Advocacy in HIV: Applying Blood Pressure 

Nearly 2/3s of the world’s developed countries have a ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood. The science has caught up but the policy has not, Kelsey Louie, Gay Men’s Health Crisis said. The Blood Equality campaign is set to change that.

Fighting For Creativity: 4th Time's the Charm

What better way to kickoff a conference on creativity in healthcare than hearing from someone who faced big, difficult challenges and used resilience and imagination to overcome them? For this astronaut, being told no was never the end of the journey.

About the Author:

As Managing Director of Innovation and Insights for Syneos Health Communications, Leigh is responsible for building and scaling a global team of healthcare experts who together help life science leaders better understand the complex lives, influences and expectations of their customers. Specifically, they uncover actionable insights that fuel empathy and creativity; lead co-creation events that let marketers learn from peers, trends, and new possibilities; and help clients identify the most valuable and useful new customer experiences to create.

Leigh has worked with Fortune 1000 companies to craft their digital, mobile, social and CRM strategies for nearly 20 years.She’s worked for category-leading agencies in retail, public affairs, B2B technology, and higher education. Prior to moving to Syneos Health Communications, she held several leadership roles at our largest agency, GSW.  There, she founded an innovation practice fueled by the zeitgeist and spearheaded digital and innovation thinking across the business.

Leigh has taken a special interest in complex healthcare products that can change lives in meaningful ways. She was recently a strategic lead on the 3rd largest launch in pharmaceutical history: Tecfidera. Before that she had keys roles with Eli Lilly Oncology, Abbott Nutrition, Amgen Cardiovascular, and Eli Lilly Diabetes.

A critical part of Leigh’s work is trends and new ideas. Every year, she convenes a group of trend watchers from across our global network to identify the shifts most critical to healthcare marketers. This year, she led over 250 experts to experts to focus on the most important changes in the commercial, consumer, marketing, digital and healthcare landscapes. (See reports at

Leigh is a sought-after writer and speaker. Recognized as one of the most inspiring people in the pharmaceutical industry by PharmaVoice and Top 10 Innovation Catalysts of 2017 by MM&M, Leigh also was recognized  as a Rising Star by the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) for her overt passion, industry thought leadership and significant contributions in new business, strategy and mentoring.