Philadelphia, PA— Live from EFP ‘18: In his presentation “From ‘Data-as-Assets’ to ‘Insights-as-Assets,’” GSK’s VP of U.S. Pharma Commercial Insights Peter Barschdorff shared a hit list of wisdom in the space:

  • Just like other assets, data bears particular value once made tangible
  • There’s a specific set of capabilities which can help unlock the value inherent in (commercial pharma) data
  • Data management and analysis require resources, which is why we need to be selective in what data is being used
  • Once moved through the data management cycle, highly condensed and synthesized, data can bring to light new valuable findings—INSIGHTS!
  • Insights are not the privilege of the Market Research function but rather —in some companies—are crowd-sourced
  • Once implemented and successful, some insights will become truly “iconic,” enshrined into an organization’s memory
  • At critical junctures throughout the planning and strategic cycle, the insights function has important levers and hooks to influence and drive the business

About the Author:

Drew Beck brings more than a decade of broad healthcare experience to GSW in his role as the Director of Innovation. He has enjoyed working for big healthcare names including Eli Lilly & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline in Global Marketing and Pharmaceutical Sales roles, but his start came from hands-on work in patient care in Emergency Medicine. This foundation has given him a deep understanding of both patients and healthcare professionals. In his current role, he combines all he has learned from this background with insights into current market trends to help clients drive the future of their brands.