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Behavior Change: When Mapping the Patient Journey Isn't Enough | Blog

Behavioral economics research is identifying new drivers for how we make healthcare decisions.


Are Customizable Applets The Future of Digital Medicine? | Blog

Domino’s has a history of leveraging digital technology to make pizza more exciting.


Mixed Reality: A Shoppers Dream or Nightmare? | Blog

If you are in the U.S., you are probably reading this while standing in line with millions of others for the country’s ultimate day of consumerism – Black Friday.


Making a Spectacle of Surgery and Keeping Conversation Live | Blog

Things are changing… fast.


Can Storytelling Help Patients Battle Cancer? | Blog

Stories are powerful.


Snapchat Provides a Lens to Thinking Around the Pill | Blog

The internet is abuzz today with the announcement of Spectacles, a new wearable camera from Snap Inc.


Is Handheld Ultrasound the New Stethoscope? | Blog

Clarius is a startup that has recently received 501k clearance to market its handheld ultrasound device.


Is Marketing to Algorithms the Future of Medical Communications? | Blog

Artery is a medical imaging platform that has recently been approved to help doctors diagnose heart problems.


Real Patient Stories Help Ground Tomorrow's Doctors | Blog

Many doctors-to-be spend the first several years of medical school entrenched in rigorous academic activity, but miles away from any living, breathing patients.


Why We Need To Care For The Caregivers | Blog

We talk a lot about the rise individualized medicine― but that is really a misnomer.


Just Get Better Healthcare Inspired by Amazon Go | Blog

Oh the grocery store checkout line… where dreams go to die.


An Emerging Model of Care | Blog

In November the U.K.


The Brain, Biohacking and the Pursuit of Perfection | Blog

Eric Matzner, sometimes referred to as the Brain Bro, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and self proclaimed biohacker.


Approved Birth Control With Just An App? | Blog

Tired of the pill?


The People Side of Healthcare Innovation | Blog

Joe and I walked into a packed house– signs on the door read ‘full capacity’ and the only spots left were standing room in the back left corner.


Smart Socks Predict Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients | Blog

Wearables have been all the rage over the past few years.


Connecting People and Healthcare: The Inspiration of SXSW | Blog

Healthcare and people: both are capable of amazing things.


Are Concepts the Key to Unlocking Innovation? | Blog

Concepts shape the way we see the world.


Are Digital Footprints The Next Frontier in Predictive Diagnosis? | Blog

Recent research has been able to use Instagram photos to reveal predictive markers of depression.


The Rise of the Contract Doctor Points to New Opportunities for Engagement | Blog

The gig economy isn't just for Uber—doctors are increasingly taking contract roles as providers fill the gap left by retiring HCPs and physician shortages.


Choice vs. | Blog

Making decisions is tough.


Is Food Benefits Management the Future of Medicine? | Blog

Zipongo, a digital nutrition platform just raised $18 million to accelerate its mission to improve health outcomes through personalized dietary recommendations.


Is Predictive Analytics Pharma's Answer to the ‘Lean Startup' Method? | Blog

The ‘Lean Startup’ method is in… and not just for Silicon Valley.


Unlocking Customers' Stories Hidden in Marketing Data | Blog

It’s 2017, and we’ve come to the point where the digital and physical worlds have become one.


Becoming an Activist? | Blog

Activism is in… at least for brands.


Give to Get: Triggyr Uses Reciprocity to Build Point of Care Touchpoint | Blog

We’ve all been there: killing time on our smartphones while we sit in a physician’s waiting room.


Guerilla Empathy | Blog

Photo booths are a big deal in Berlin.


SXSW 2017 Download: What Does it Mean for Healthcare? | Blog

2017 marked the 30th year of SXSW.