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Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement | Perspectives

Over 2017, Artificial Intelligence became a mainstream topic of conversation, with industry, investors and the media discussing its possible impact on all areas of our personal and professional lives.


The Syneos Health Podcast: Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement | Perspectives

Since Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced the prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the spaceship computer system HAL, the world has had a rollercoaster relationship with the idea - from hope to hype, and everywhere in between.


When It Comes to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Patients Fear the Replacement of Doctors, Yet Are Open to AI Nurse Support | In The Media

New Data from Global Survey Reveals Expectations and Concerns of Patients and Caregivers Confronting a Future with Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence | Perspectives

An AI wave is poised to transform healthcare with examples ranging from supercomputers identifying hard-to-diagnose cancers; robots assisting surgeons with complex procedures; and chatbot therapists supporting patients with cognitive behavioural therapy.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | In The Media

Aj Triano comments for PharmaVOICE on best practices for AI adoption, and its potential for use in drug discovery and pharmacovigilance.


Real Expertise on Artificial Intelligence: Views from Pfizer, Aktana, Veeva and Syneos Health Executives | In The Media

Why is healthcare one of the top industries seeing the greatest profit in artificial intelligence?


Does Artificial Intelligence Have a Place in Name Development? | Blog

Looking at the pharmaceutical brand naming process -- that involves a select group of creative experts isolated in a room brainstorming name ideas -- you may wonder, "Could we employ AI (artificial intelligence) to quickly and efficiently create names instead?"


Oral B is launching an electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence | Blog

Sooner than later your electric toothbrush may be introducing an alternative option for improving your current dental routine – all without having to take a trip to the dentist’s office.


Recent Study Finds Artificial Intelligence Doubles Medication Adherence | Blog

Study results published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke reveal that using AiCure’s AI-powered mobile app doubled anticoagulant adherence rates for stroke survivors.


Democracy Disruption in 2018: The Rise of the Empowered Patient | Perspectives

We’ve pulled together for you all our best thinking on 2018 trends, artificial intelligence and driving forward healthcare democracy.


AiCure and the Future of Adherence | Blog

Using artificial intelligence to monitor patient adherence?


Survey: Less than 20 percent of patients open to AI replacing physicians | In The Media

DOTmed HealthCare Business News published an article featuring our AI report, Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement), and commentary by A.J.


Trend Tracking: Dr Batman and AI Robin | Blog

One of our top 2017 Healthcare Trends, “Dr Batman and AI Robin” outlined the ways in which artificial intelligence is really starting to change the way diseases are assessed, diagnosed, and treated.


AI UK – one year on | In The Media

In autumn last year, we started researching our research paper Artificial Intelligence for Authentic Engagement, informed by a survey of over 1,000 patients and caregivers across the EU and United States.


AI Saves Lives | Blog

Flying in the face of Sarah Connor and Elon Musk’s worst fears, artificial intelligence is saving lives worldwide.


IBM Watson for Oncology | Blog

Originally built as a complement for a physician and not as a replacement, IBM Watson for Oncology launched a study to determine how closely the artificial intelligence computer and a panel of 12-15 multidisciplinary tumor board members could agree on treatment approaches.


Unlocking the Power of AI | In The Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are informing content expectations.


It’s Time to Rethink How Pharma Can Unleash the Potential of AI | Perspectives

Artificial intelligence (AI) methods hold particular promise in helping to realise those efficiencies.


Current Trending “Health-bots” | Blog

As health companies merge healthcare into the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, it is interesting to see how new platforms and tools learn from their predecessors and continually make monumental steps in the right direction.


Could AI Make Healthcare Feel Human Again? | Blog

In his recent book, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again, Eric Topol takes a new perspective on the emergence of AI in healthcare and how the advancement of tech may actually be for our benefit.


Why Dermatology Needs AI (and You Do, Too) | Blog

While many people, especially healthcare insiders, understand the manifold benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s gotten a bad rep over the years.


Three Facets of Trust in Artificial Intelligence | In The Media

AJ Triano, Senior Vice President of Engagement Strategy, outlines the three distinct challenges researchers and marketers face in healthcare AI.


Novartis Reps Have A.I. that Knows Exactly What to Say | Blog

As the use of artificial intelligence in R&D continues to rise, Novartis takes it even further, equipping its reps with AI that suggests the perfect things to talk about with HCPs.


Bringing AI to Pharma Relationships: AZ, Babylon Health and NHS | Blog

Live From Lions Health: AZ, Babylon, and the NHS have the largest deployment of artificial intelligence in the world, supporting 1.5 million people near London.


Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Patients | In The Media

In this article from eyeforpharma's Trends in Patient Centricity magazine, A.


How Do Breast Cancer Patients Feel about an AI Future? | Perspectives

We surveyed 150 European and American patients with breast cancer to better understand their perspectives about the potential role of AI in healthcare.


Pharma and AI: Help doctors with AI assistants but don’t try to replace them | In The Media

This FiercePharma article highlights our new AI research where we surveyed approx. 800 European and American patients in 3 disease areas – atrial fibrillation, Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer – and approx. 200 caregivers for people with Parkinson’s disease.


Which trends will impact pharma marketers in 2018? | In The Media

Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation, is featured in the FiercePharma article talking about trends that will impact pharma marketers in 2018.


2018 Commercial Trends | Perspectives

Rewired commercial model evolving from every point of influence in health and healthcare

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