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Digital Therapeutics: Software as Treatments | Blog

On Friday, the Digital Pharma Innovation Day, Joel Sangerman, Chief Commercial Officer for Click Therapeutics, spoke on the topic of “Digital Therapeutics: Software As Treatments.”


The Syneos Health Podcast: Digital Therapeutics | Perspectives

Our team discusses the digital therapeutics landscape, the opportunities for both biopharma and tech companies, regulatory and payer hurdles, and more.


Digital Therapeutics Grow Up | Perspectives

Digital therapeutics have been hailed as a game-changer for pharma and patients, but are they keeping up with the hype?


August 2019: The Syneos Health Podcast: Digital Therapeutics | Newsletters

In this podcast our team discusses the digital therapeutics landscape, the opportunities for both biopharma and tech companies, regulatory and payer hurdles, and more.


The Syneos Health Podcast: The Digital Therapeutics Alliance: A European Perspective | Perspectives

Listen to our podcast with Jessica Shull, European Lead for the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, an international non-profit trade association of industry leaders and stakeholders engaged in the evidence-driven advancement of digital therapeutics.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase: What Does a Clinical Trial Look Like for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

Digital therapeutics, or DTx, are distinct from digital health products, and are driven by software programs that can be prescribed to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease, as stated by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.


Inside the Gray Space of Digital Therapeutics | In The Media

Jennifer Kielmeyer, GSW, recaps the DTxDM conference, that brought together more than 200 senior decision-makers from digital therapeutics companies, pharma, investors, payers, and healthcare providers.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase 2019: Is This the Year of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

At this year’s Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase (part of Biotech Showcase), a panel of digital therapeutics (DTx) experts illuminated the status and future of their work, moderated by Syneos Health Commercial Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Baba Shetty.


Digital Therapeutics at the Crossroads | Perspectives

Payer perspectives on reimbursement hurdles can help DTx companies map the journey to real-world utilization and market success.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: What’s Blocking the Adoption of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

With there being so many different stakeholders, including patients, providers and payers, panelists at the 2019 Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase pointed to a number of different adoption roadblocks—and successes.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: Is the Market Prepared for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

The answer, it seems, is neither yes nor no, and the panelists at 2019 Digital Medicine and MedTech showcase weighed in from a number of different perspectives.


Paving the Way | Perspectives

Is Europe catching up (or pioneering the way) in digital therapeutics?


Executive Summary: How Digital Therapeutics Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs | Perspectives

What healthcare stakeholders should think about when it comes to DTx partnerships and how DTx developers can satisfy diverse stakeholder needs.


How DTx Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs | Perspectives

All signs point to a breakthrough year for digital therapeutics.


How the Pandemic Is Fueling a New Tech-Focused Diabetes Landscape | Blog

And with a now greater need and use for new tech, we explore two key trends shaping a new diabetes landscape that places digital therapeutics at its core.


Therapeutic App from Sanofi to Treat Mental Illness in MS Patients | Blog

Recognizing that the impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) goes beyond the conventionally recognized symptoms, Sanofi has announced a new app to support people with the disease—specifically, their mental health.


Novartis Reps Have A.I. that Knows Exactly What to Say | Blog

As the use of artificial intelligence in R&D continues to rise, Novartis takes it even further, equipping its reps with AI that suggests the perfect things to talk about with HCPs.


Digital Pharma East 2018: All the Highlights | Blog

The Digital & Social Strategy Team recently traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


Biosector 2 | Agency

Global PR agency building brands and growing markets for companies driving innovation in healthcare


GENICOS | Agency

Full-service, oncology-focused advertising agency transforming products into brands and patients into survivors


Jazz Pharmaceuticals Creates New Education Center for Rare Cancer Patients | Blog

A new unbranded disease campaign Find the Right Fit launched by Jazz Pharmaceuticals seeks to support rare disease patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and secondary acute myeloid leukemia (sAML) as they move throughout their diagnosis and treatment journey.


Europe | Region



Case Study: Leveraging Patient Opinion Leaders and Social Media to Improve Disease Management | Blog

Patient “opinion leaders” or “thought leaders” are often leveraged as an amplifier of messages around a specific indication on behalf of pharma companies.


Expansion of Digital Capabilities Bolstered with Influx of New Hires at Syneos Health Communications | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications, the network of advertising, public relations and medical communications agencies within Syneos Health(TM) (NASDAQ:SYNH), today announced new digital capabilities and talent.


A Future Look at Trends and Opportunities in Diabetes Management | Blog

Over the last 18 months, an evolution in diabetes management has accelerated, and for good reason.


Psychiatric Trials Supercharged by Otsuka’s Science 37 Collab | Blog

Holistic healthcare brand Otsuka Pharmaceutical has announced a promising partnership with Science 37, the trailblazing startup out of MIT that’s transforming clinical trials for everyone.


Pharma's New Competition: Digital Health | Blog

We’re just a few years away from digital therapies taking on traditional medicines on their own turf: clinical trials, formularies, and prescription pads.


Six Leading Patient Centric Programs | Blog

Pharmaceutical innovators are getting patients involved in every aspect of drug development, from clinical trial design to commercialization to peer-to-peer support.


eyeforpharma Barcelona Recap: “The Evolution of Patient Collaboration” | Blog

This year’s eyeforpharma Barcelona continued notwithstanding COVID-19 constraints, featuring virtual panels of experts across a range of industry fixations.

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