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Innovation & Insights | Shared-accelerator



Pharma Creating Startups for Innovation | Blog

Genentech is a company we’ve covered quite a few times for their innovative experiences and general attitude toward healthcare.


Innovation Spotlight: GSW | In The Media

GSW Columbus was highlighted in the Columbus CEO magazine in the Innovation Spotlight category.


Pfizer's Innovation Lead on Changing Culture | Blog

Daniel Seewald is the Director of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer.


Eli Lilly to Open New Innovation Center | Blog

The focus of this new innovation center will be on drug delivery device innovation (specific to diabetes), immunology, chronic pain, and neural degeneration.


Are Concepts the Key to Unlocking Innovation? | Blog

Outdated concepts can block new opportunities and stifle innovation.


The Innovation Gap | Blog

Paul Simms, Chairman of eyeforpharma kicked off his annual conference with a call to arms: We have an innovation gap.


RHS: Innovation in DC | Blog

Once the innovation tours concluded at Rock Health we got into the speaker sessions which started with Leena Rao (Moderator), Senior Writer at Fortune, speaking to Susannah Fox, CTO at the US Department of Health and Human Services, and DJ Patil, Chief Data Scientist.


DPE15: How Pfizer Innovates With Play | Blog

He runs the Dare To Try innovation and experimentation program at Pfizer.


Is Pharma More Innovative Than Ever? | Blog

Last year it looked like pharmaceutical companies might be left behind in the wave of innovation changing healthcare experience.


Creating a Commercial Path for Innovative Medicines | In The Media

Leslie Isenegger, Principal Strategist, Risk & Reputation Management, was quoted alongside industry experts about pricing strategies for up-and-coming, innovative medicines.


Innovation in Consumer Health Requires Reimagining the Category | Blog

An exploration of how different sub-sectors of Pharma ought to be approaching innovation in consumer health.


Innovation in Healthcare Marketing Starts with You | Perspectives

As we enter what the 2022 HBA European Leadership Summit refers to as the “Innovation Age,” we are constantly surrounded by something—anything—new.


(Yet Another) Hospital's Innovation Success Story | Blog

More and more we’re seeing hospitals champion innovation within their own walls.


CLUED IN: SOLVING THE INNOVATION MYSTERY - A practical plan for better ideation | Perspectives

A recent survey of pharmaceutical execs found that 84% believe that innovation is imperative to reaching their business goals but 0% strongly agree they know where to start.


Little Innovation Tool We Love | Blog

Part of our team is off to Switzerland this week to talk about practical ways to add innovation into your daily work.


Amazonian Innovation: It’s as Easy as 3-2-1 | Blog

Before this year’s 16th annual eyeforpharma convention even officially began, Amazon was there, empowering pharma leaders by teaching them new ways from their approach to innovation.


Why Brand and Innovation Need More Integration to Realize Commercial Value | Blog

Looking at what the conventionally siloed functions of Brand and Innovation stand to gain from collaborating.


Innovation Hack with RB | Blog

Sharon James, the global head of R&D at RB, laid out a challenge for scientists, marketers, researchers and creatives = R&D innovation hack.


Future Festival 2019 Recap: Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing | Blog

Toronto-based innovation shop Trend Hunter has cranked out over 10,000 custom trends profiles in the past decade, and they compressed their annual 3-day innovation experience into an 8-hour intensive course.


Innovations Transforming Cardiovascular Disease Management | Blog

Four promising innovations make the British Heart Foundation’s Big Beat Challenge shortlist.


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Inspire New Value in Healthcare through Tech Innovation | Blog

An inside look into where tech innovation is bringing real value to healthcare and how pharma brands are keeping up with the pace.


Three Innovative Mobile Medical Apps | Blog

Now that we have a better understanding on how medical device apps differ from wellness apps, we wondered – What are other innovative medical apps?


RHS: Intro and Innovation Tours | Blog

My first Rock Health Summit was well worth the trip.


CES 2022: Top 5 Takeaways for Healthcare Innovators | Blog

With healthcare and digital wellness prominent fixtures in this year's event, our trends team has simplified all the signals, innovations, and tech into five need-to-watch themes for 2022.


DPE15: Merck Workshop Uncovers Innovation Opportunities | Blog

Fabrizio Caranci, Director of Channel Innovation at Merck, started out with this super fact from John Chambers, CEO at Cisco: by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet.



More than 8 out of 10 pharmaceutical marketers agree that innovation is imperative to reaching their business goals, yet none of them strongly agree that they know on which touchpoints, channels or customer experiences to focus change.


Power to the Patient: Digital Innovation Supporting Patients With Chronic Diseases | Perspectives

Abby Purdy at Syneos Health Communications shares her perspective in this article on PMLiVE: "It’s hard to write a piece about digital innovation in the current climate without making reference to COVID-19 and the developments that the virus has accelerated and enforced."


Healthcare innovation at SXSW 2016 | Blog

South By Southwest isn’t just a launching pad for new creative content.


Why Pharma Companies Should Focus their Innovation Efforts on Health Categories Beyond Medication | Blog

Why Pharma Companies Should Focus their Innovation Efforts on Health Categories Beyond Medication