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IBM Watson for Oncology | Blog

Originally built as a complement for a physician and not as a replacement, IBM Watson for Oncology launched a study to determine how closely the artificial intelligence computer and a panel of 12-15 multidisciplinary tumor board members could agree on treatment approaches.


Why the New CMS Oncology Model is an Inflection Point in Advancing Health Equity | Blog

On July 1st, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, through its Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), announced its newest voluntary oncology payment model, Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM).


Immuno-oncology is fundamentally changing what value means | In The Media

How will the pharma marketing, educational and service model adapt in response to redefined value in immuno-oncology?


Making the Most of Maturing Oncology Brands | In The Media

Our experts crafted a checklist for Pharmaceutical Executive that can be used to determine if there’s hidden vitality left in aging oncology brands and inspire outside-of-the-box, often low-investment solutions to grow the bottom line.


The Social Oncology Report: ASCO and Beyond | Blog

MDigitalLife (a division of the W20 Group) recently conducted an examination of specific cancer communities online.


Oncology Evaluates Its Relationship to Telehealth Post-Pandemic | Blog

As we’ve inched past the year mark of the pandemic, amidst the heartache of what has transpired and the fear of what is yet to come, there is an ironic undercurrent of collective chest-puffing—and rightly so.


Clearing a Commercial Path for Novel Cancer Therapeutics in a Post-Pandemic World | Perspectives

Part I of a Syneos Health Series on New Oncology Commercialization Strategies


GENICOS | Agency

Full-service, oncology-focused advertising agency transforming products into brands and patients into survivors


Betting Big on | Blog

This month, Janssen launched, aiming to create an online destination for all things oncology.


GSW and Biosector 2 Are Shortlisted for 2019 MM&M Awards | In The Media

GSW and Biosector 2 are shortlisted for 2019 MM&M Awards for our client work with Endo Pharmaceuticals and Novartis Oncology.


Growing Number of Cancer Patients are Finding Limited Access to Care | Blog

In 2014, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released a landmark report about the state of cancer care in America.


New drugs, new money: Surge in cancer DTC ads follows wave of I-O debuts | In The Media

There's been a spike in oncology DTC advertising in recent years, thanks to new drugs and mechanisms of action – and Syneos Health™ has the research to prove it.



Noticing important shifts in the rules of engagement between industry and patient advocates, Syneos Health Public Relations Group conducted in-depth interviews with dozens of patient organizations in early 2015.


Future look: The Impact of Biosimilars on Oncology | In The Media

Ben Curtis and Katherine Seay, inVentiv Health Managed Markets comment on how strategies will adjust with the advent of biosimilars.


Getting Through to Oncologists Based on Their “Need for Cognition” | Blog

Take a cursory look at the agenda for next month’s ASCO, and you’ll see oncology’s newest innovations—and promise—come with ever-increasing complexity of choices.


Creating a Culture of Measurement | Blog

David Lennon, VP & Franchise Head for US Oncology at Novartis, showed the #efpphilly crowd where we’re at as an industry with technology and data and where our opportunities lie for greater collaboration.


Understanding Oncologists: The Common Themes Behind Survival-based Advertising | Blog

Oncologists want to see themselves as enabling both patient and drug success.


Why the Pharmaceutical Revolutions of Tomorrow Will Start With the Science and Lead With a Great Story | Blog

More than 20 years ago, Gleevec ushered in a therapeutic revolution in oncology based on a relatively simple premise: If cancer cells are “addicted” to oncogenic mutations, targeting the troublesome protein might provide long-lasting disease control.


Using LinkedIn for micro-targeting oncologists | Blog

During this year’s Digital Pharma East conference, Stephanie Katzman, a healthcare strategist at LinkedIn, announced that the number of HCPs had grown from 3.5 million last year to over 5 million in the US alone and over 9 million globally in 2015.


CANCERCON : Because Young Adult Cancer Sucks | Blog

CANCERCON is the experience that you never knew you needed because who the hell thinks about cancer when you’re not eighty years old?


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Insight Driven Patient-Centricity | Blog

Interested in how life science companies are approaching patient-centricity at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020?


ASCO 2022: Practice-Changing Data and Access for All Patients | Blog

Suzanne Goss, Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy at Syneos Health Communications, shares her takeaways from the 2022 ASCO convention, and sheds light on the questions we need to ask ourselves as we move toward more equitable care.


Inspiration in Pfizer's This Is Living With Cancer | Blog

Live from Cannes Lions: 9 people living with cancer + 6 months in their homes and lives = a story that shows it is possible to find a new normal


Understanding Oncologists: How to Create Better Advertising in a Crowded Landscape | Blog

With lives dependent upon their decisions, oncologists are left to make treatment decisions for the betterment of their patients all while navigating a growingly crowded and complex landscape.


Delays in Cancer Care Due to Prior Authorizations | Blog

For many patients, receiving care right away is of vital importance.


A new approach to fighting drug shortages | Blog

Shortages of critical cancer-fighting drugs have impacted 83% of U.S. oncologists in the past six months.* Around the world, doctors are negotiating availability, access and funding for the infusions they most want to prescribe.


Vision 2020: Warm culture means healthy growth | Blog

It’s been mighty cold lately, hasn’t it?


The Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time | Blog

A daunting task for any doctor.


Tune in Doc-Virtual Conferences Are Now a Reality | Blog

2017 has marked a major shift in the way pharmaceutical giant Novartis will be using and expanding innovative digital platforms to share major congress experiences, education and medical information with physicians.