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Trends that will drive 2018 Commercial Strategies | In The Media

2018 Commercial Trends report is featured in the March 2018 edition of PharmaVoice.


3 trends to watch in pharma advertising in 2018 | In The Media

Read the full article below to learn about 3 trends to keep an eye on as 2018 begins.


Which trends will impact pharma marketers in 2018? | In The Media

Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation, is featured in the FiercePharma article talking about trends that will impact pharma marketers in 2018.


MM&M’s Top 2018 Healthcare Trends in 2 Minutes or Less | Blog

Several of the highlights go hand-in-hand with our own 2018 Trends.


2018 Trends | Perspectives

Trends show us the latest customer expectations, and reveal data and clues about changing habits and preferences.


Trends for 2018 | Perspectives

Trends show us the latest customer expectations, and reveal data and clues about changing habits and preferences.


2018 Trend Tracking – Better Experience In Store | Blog

Amazon announced last week the unveiling of their new cashier-less store, Amazon Go.


Syneos Health Releases 2018 Commercial Trends Forecast | In The Media

The Commercial Forecast Joins a Series of Consumer, Digital, Communications and Healthcare Trends Reports that Reveals Shifts in Media and Medicine Impacting Stakeholder Engagement


Democracy Disruption in 2018: The Rise of the Empowered Patient | Perspectives

We’ve pulled together for you all our best thinking on 2018 trends, artificial intelligence and driving forward healthcare democracy.


2018 Digital Trends | Perspectives

Behavior changes influenced by technology, tools and devices


2018 Healthcare Trends | Perspectives

New realities in accessing, giving and receiving healthcare


2018 Marketing Trends | Perspectives

Shifts in how brands are earning time, attention and loyalty


2018 Commercial Trends | Perspectives

Rewired commercial model evolving from every point of influence in health and healthcare


2018 Consumer Trends | Perspectives

Expectations created by media, peers and entertainment


The Pharmacist’s Role Continues to Evolve | Blog

As our team prepares for the release of our 2019 Trend Reports in the coming weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on several of the highlights from our 2018 Reports that garnered extra attention and sparked the most ideas with our clients.


4 trends driving industry priorities in 2018 | In The Media

Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation, is featured in the article talking about how commercial transformation could reach new heights in 2018 as new expectations (and possibilities) reshape traditional models.


What Nutrition Professionals Are Cooking Up: A FNCE Recap | Blog

In October, I attended the 2018 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Washington, DC.


CVS and Walgreens Store Layout Takes on a New Health-Centric Design | Blog

In 2018, over 3,800 stores closed their doors.


New Survey Results - Media: The Least Trusted Institution | Blog

Recently revealed results from the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, for the first time ever, showcase the media viewed as the least trusted source for information.


PharmaVOICE Year in Preview 2018 | In The Media

Kenneth Fisher, VP Director of Technology - GSW, Patrick Richard, Managing Director of Data Science and Rebecca Rehder, EVP Director of Client Services, are featured in the November/December 2017 issue of PharmaVOICE.


PillPack Now Owned By Amazon | Blog

In a move to once again place their stake a bit deeper into the healthcare landscape, Amazon recently announced the purchase of the successful online pharmacy, PillPack.


Apple Watch Accessory Receives FDA Approval | Blog

The FDA approved the first ever watch accessory, an Apple watch band that not only reads your EKG, but will communicate with your physician if results are abnormal.


Bite Sized Content Wins Over Twitter Fans | Blog

Read how one brand captured the hearts of fans with bite-sized digestible content on Twitter over a sensitive topic.


We are on MM&M Top 100 Healthcare Agencies list | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications is yet again recognized among Medical, Marketing & Media’s Top 100 Healthcare Agencies list.


A Super (Bowl) Moment for Healthcare | Blog

GSW, part of Syneos Health Communications, and St.


Humana Introduces New Value-Based Compensation Model | Blog

Value and outcomes-based care is making headlines recently.


Amazon’s (Potential) Entry Into the Healthcare Market Sparks New Competition | Blog

As Amazon positions themselves as (potential) healthcare players, several brick and mortar pharmacies shift with new partnerships and business models.


Internet of Things: A Growing Market and the Future of Care | Blog

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new concept.


AI + Genetics + Patients = Win | Blog

A few weeks back, the digital healthcare company Optra Health announced the launch of OptraGURU, its newest platform that leverages the AI tech of its iPhronesis offering with Amazon Alexa’s natural language skills.