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Beyond Patient Centricity | Perspectives

Patient-centricity is an individualistic approach.


Walking the patientcentric talk | In The Media

Nicky Walsby, our managing director of PR in UK, talks about patient centricity in this PharmaTimes article.


Social Centricity: Beyond Patient Centricity | Blog

Live From Lions Health: In healthcare, we talk a lot about adherence.


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Insight Driven Patient-Centricity | Blog

Interested in how life science companies are approaching patient-centricity at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020?


December 2018: 5 Lessons Learned from Caregivers: Are They the Missing Link to Patient Centricity? | Newsletters

Our new report based on a study with 1,380 people shares five lessons from the caregiver experience that illuminate key considerations surrounding effective caregiver, and ultimately patient-centric, communications.



The pharmaceutical industry recognizes that consumer behavior is a key to both better individual health outcomes and greater business success, and has created a wide range of programs to engage and support patients who are taking prescribed medication.


Forget patient-centric models that don't work. | In The Media

Kathleen Starr, Managing Director, Behavioral Insights, and Susan Perlbachs, EVP, GSW-NY, shared their findings from a two-year ethnographic study at Cannes Lions Health this past weekend.


Rare Disease and the Powerful Role of Patient Centricity | Blog

Collaboration between advocacy groups and the healthcare industry can lead to better treatments, more engaged relationships and better quality of care.


Centre of the Pharmaverse | In The Media

Nicky Walsby, MD UK PR at Syneos Health Communications talks about the opportunities digital brings for more patient-centric communications.


Boosting Trial Recruitment Through Patient Engagement | Perspectives

Improving clinical trial recruitment has long been a priority for pharma, but despite having a plethora of new innovations at their disposal, along with a sincere commitment to patient centricity, the industry still struggles to get patients engaged with trials.


Together in HF - New Social Patient Community by Novartis | Blog

As patient centricity continues to become more of a focus for pharmaceutical companies and their brands, Novartis recently launched a dedicated social network for heart failure patients and caregivers called Together in HF.


Understanding and Addressing the Unique Needs of Caregivers | Perspectives

Yet, even as life sciences companies focus on patient centricity, caregivers have often been left out of the conversation.


Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Patients | In The Media

In this article from eyeforpharma's Trends in Patient Centricity magazine, A.


January 2019: What Can the Biopharmaceutical Industry Expect in 2019? | Newsletters

Industry’s increased focus on patient-centricity is leading to a breakdown of silos across the healthcare sector.


Six Leading Patient Centric Programs | Blog

Pharmaceutical innovators are getting patients involved in every aspect of drug development, from clinical trial design to commercialization to peer-to-peer support.


15 Pharma Trends for 2020 | In The Media

Real World Evidence, patient centricity and new digital experiences are among the top 15 trends set to change clinical research and treatment commercialization in 2020.


Free Poster: Value Beyond the Pill Strategies | Blog

Over the last few years, terms like patient-centric marketing and adding value beyond the pill have become immensely popular in the board rooms of pharma innovators.


GSK Shares How to Live Patient Centricity Every Day | Blog

Live from EFP ‘18: Cheryl MacDiarmid, GSK’s US Respiratory Business Head, shared a glimpse into why and how her organization is so dedicated to the COPD patients they serve.


Stop Calling it a "Patient Journey"-Patients Are Social Beings | In The Media

Kathleen Starr, PhD, Managing Director of Behavioral Insights, part of inVentiv Health Communications talks about Social Centricity in this article published on


Social Media Influencers - Patients As Promoters | Blog

Earlier this year, Wego Health launched a new platform that connects patients with healthcare entities with one goal: connect the patient’s experience with said entity to the patient’s social networks.


The Cancer Support Community - A Patient Driven Network Of Cancer Support | Blog

Supporting people living with cancer is a top priority for any organization and individual working in the cancer space.


The INC Research/inVentiv Health Podcast: Social Centricity | In The Media

Host Jeff Stewart talks with Kathleen Starr, Managing Director of the Behavioral Insights group at INC Research/inVentiv Health.


The Innovation Gap | Blog

Paul Simms, Chairman of eyeforpharma kicked off his annual conference with a call to arms: We have an innovation gap.


Centricity is Dead; Unification is Thriving | Blog

Brand centricity, a very much one-sided approach, is no longer relevant in our industry.


Patient Solutions: Connecting to the Patient in the Digital Age | In The Media

This article from the October 2018 issue of PharmaVOICE discusses how pharmaceutical companies are shifting their mindset away from simply selling to physicians and toward serving the patient.


Patient USA: Ten Motivating Quotes | Blog

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the big stage and the patient feedback panel.


MM&M Webcast: What We Can Learn From Caregivers—The Missing Link to Patient Centricity | In The Media

Syneos Health conducted research to better understand the burdens created for caregivers and identify specific information on resource gaps that could proactively be addressed by healthcare companies.


What We Can Learn From Caregivers—The Missing Link to Patient Centricity | Perspectives

Latest report highlights 5 lessons on reaching caregivers and patients with relevant and resonant messaging.


These Are the Words Doctors Should Stop Saying | Blog

Don Dizon of Brown University medical school on a Medscape News panel that challenged many of the ways doctors talk about patients.


A New (positive) Pharma Company Influence – Consumer Brands Entering Healthcare | Blog

A recent article from Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) analyzes what has been on all of our minds in the last 6-9 months: What will pharma’s response be to so many consumer brands crossing over into healthcare?