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With a room full of world-class creatives at Cannes, we explored the hallmarks of social-centric programs and how good creative must work within each person’s social system.


Social Centricity: Beyond Patient Centricity | Blog

Live From Lions Health: In healthcare, we talk a lot about adherence.


The INC Research/inVentiv Health Podcast: Social Centricity | In The Media

Host Jeff Stewart talks with Kathleen Starr, Managing Director of the Behavioral Insights group at INC Research/inVentiv Health.



The pharmaceutical industry recognizes that consumer behavior is a key to both better individual health outcomes and greater business success, and has created a wide range of programs to engage and support patients who are taking prescribed medication.


Let's talk social centricity, say researchers | In The Media

Kathleen Starr, Managing Director, Behavioral Insights, and Susan Perlbachs, EVP, GSW-NY, shared their findings from a two-year ethnographic study at Cannes Lions Health this past weekend.


Live from Lions Health: Reputation, innovation, big data and a whole lot of gossip | In The Media

FiercePharma recapped the social media buzz and highlights from Cannes Lions Health this past weekend, including inVentiv Health Communications' presentation on social centricity.


Stop Calling it a "Patient Journey"-Patients Are Social Beings | In The Media

Kathleen Starr, PhD, Managing Director of Behavioral Insights, part of inVentiv Health Communications talks about Social Centricity in this article published on


Beyond Patient Centricity | Perspectives

Patient-centricity is an individualistic approach.


Together in HF - New Social Patient Community by Novartis | Blog

As patient centricity continues to become more of a focus for pharmaceutical companies and their brands, Novartis recently launched a dedicated social network for heart failure patients and caregivers called Together in HF.


Social Media Influencers - Patients As Promoters | Blog

Earlier this year, Wego Health launched a new platform that connects patients with healthcare entities with one goal: connect the patient’s experience with said entity to the patient’s social networks.


The Cancer Support Community - A Patient Driven Network Of Cancer Support | Blog

Supporting people living with cancer is a top priority for any organization and individual working in the cancer space.


Digital Pharma East: Day 3 Recap | Blog

Some of topics covered today included The Golden Age of Data Analytics, Enriching Healthcare Through Virtual Reality, and Leveraging Patient Influencers to Improve Disease Management.


Top 10 Posts of 2017 | Blog

Join us in celebrating our best ofs, tops and faves in this list of the top 10 posts of 2017.


The Write Thing For Parkinson's | Blog

Parkinson’s patients slowly loose their fine motor skills which diminishes their daily lives and has created a stigma causing embarrassment and harassment.


The Human Project | Blog

What if you were asked, alongside 10,000 other humans, adding up to 4,000 households, to give access to everything you do for 20 (hopefully) improve the lives of millions?


CANCERCON : Because Young Adult Cancer Sucks | Blog

CANCERCON is the experience that you never knew you needed because who the hell thinks about cancer when you’re not eighty years old?


Are Apps the Answer to Better Health Outcomes? | Blog

Mobile healthcare apps are revolutionizing the way people approach their health... but are they the be all end all?


2017 Lions Health: All the Highlights from Cannes | Blog

Live From Lions Health: This is the fourth year Cannes has hosted a special conference and award show focused on health and life-changing creativity.


Empathy (Continues To) Win | Blog

It is no secret empathy within advertising, if done correctly, can be a powerful motivator to drive and change behavior.


Trend: Still Don't Get It | Blog

Informed consent in healthcare is easily understood, right?


Patient USA: How Sanofi Used Patient Insights To Build Coach | Blog

Anjali Trasy, the Global Head, of Patient Engagement Strategy at Sanofi asked has patient engagement come of age?


New Facebook Groups to Provide Disease-Specific Medical Support | Blog

Health care was a central part of the discussion at this year’s Facebook F8.


Are Concepts the Key to Unlocking Innovation? | Blog

Concepts shape the way we see the world.


Give the Gift of Health This Father’s Day | Blog

It’s been shown over and over that women utilize healthcare services way more than men, being 33% more likely overall to visit a doctor.


Leading with Emotion During Brand Planning | Blog

It’s that time of year again.


Problem Solving in the Post Guru Era | Blog

Live From Lions Health: In this era of acceleration, everyone wants more ideas faster.


Voice - The New Frontier for UX Design | Blog

Lately, there is incredible buzz around voice-driven technology and experiences.


Shifting Behavior through Creative: Clarity  | Blog

Patients and healthcare providers are faced with an overwhelming landscape of over-complication, tension, and red tape.


HxP Picks: Identity, DTC, lenticulars, and empathy | Blog

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