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Behavioral Science's Impact on Marketing | In The Media

Behavioral science enables pharma to acquire a greater understanding of its consumers and how to better motivate them to change their behavior.


How Behavioral Science Can Be Used to Motivate Patients and Other Stakeholders | In The Media article featuring Kathleen Starr, Managing Director, Behavioral Insights at Syneos Health, outlines how behavioral science can help address the issues.


Behavioral Science | Shared-accelerator

Behavioral Insights


Cannes Lions 2021: The Behavioral Science Behind Choice Winners | Blog

Cannes Lions 2021: The Behavioral Science Behind Choice Winners


2020 Employee Communications and Behavioral Science Contingency | Perspectives

Recommendations for activities to inform and engage


Non-adherence and Nudges | Blog

In recent years, countless life science leaders have been exploring ways to harness the power of behavioral science to combat the looming threat of healthcare’s biggest challenges.


The MM&M Podcast 5.6.2020: Syneos Health’s Kathleen Starr | Perspectives

Check out this installment of The MM&M Podcast with Kathleen Starr, PhD, Managing Director, Behavioral Science and Insights at Syneos Health.


Leveraging Behavioral Marketing to Deliver Maximum Impact | In The Media

Now is a great time for pharma marketers to embrace behavioral science.


Persuading your Audience: From Science to Application | Blog

Behavioral science tells us that most decisions are made on an emotional level.


How to Save Lives, and Not Alienate People | In The Media

Kathleen Starr at Syneos Health says in EMG GOLD magazine: "Behavioral Science reveals that a scarcity of motivation, cognitive resources, & social support puts natural limits on a person’s ability to consistently make short-term sacrifices for their long-term health."


Two News Stories That Should Terrify Every Parent | Blog

Recent headlines amplify anxiety among parents, but behavioral science provides tools to short-circuit these traps.


Lessons From Amazon in How To Build Trust With Consumers | Blog

Applying a behavioral science perspective to consider new ways to engage HCPs and patients.


Earning & Keeping an Audience's Attention: From Science to Application | Blog

Thanks to behavioral science, it pinpoints more subtle ways that emotions can impact their preference, decisions, and actions and ultimately highlight the steps we need to take to make the most of it.


Marketers Prioritize Making Habit Changes at Cannes Lions Health | In The Media

P&G and Thrive Global launched a new initiative at Cannes Lions Health designed to leverage behavioral science to help customers around the world live more sustainable lives.


Could a Shift in HCP Roles Be on the Horizon?  | Blog

Read on to find out what our behavioral science experts think of Apple’s latest report, and the opportunity to amplify the role of HCPs.


How the Behavioral Science of Feedback Can Improve Healthcare Decisions | Blog

But this can also be a real bottleneck if you are trying to learn a new behavior or make complex decisions.


October 2019: Why We Resist: The Surprising Truths about Motivating Behavior Change | Newsletters

Our just-launched book Why We Resist translates the complex field of behavioral science into actionable insights for healthcare brands.


Human Connections in the Digital World | In The Media

Duncan Arbour at Syneos Health shares his hope for future marketing approaches - one that balances new digital techniques with behavioral science and humanity.


Sparking Action: From Science to Application | Blog

Behavioral science tells us that even the strongest beliefs about the value of change don’t necessarily lead to action.


Achieving Insight-Driven Care: Rely on Data and Behavioral Science to Unlock Real Change | In The Media

How can we use evidence-based strategies to make change a reality for our customers & the patients they serve?


Health Literacy Best Practices—and the Human Truths Behind Them | Blog

A look at two key health literacy best practices, from a behavioral science perspective.


Beyond Patient Centricity | Perspectives

By highlighting the social influences that impact patient behavior, we can identify forces that directly conflict with behavior we want to promote.


The Syneos Health Podcast: Why We Resist | Perspectives

Why do people make good (and bad) decisions about their health?


Connecting People and Healthcare: The Inspiration of SXSW | Blog

Healthcare and people: both are capable of amazing things.


Improving Health Outcomes Using Social Disparities Data | In The Media

Big Data in healthcare isn’t new.


Breaking Free to Achieve Meaningful Behaviour Change | In The Media

In this PMLiVE article, Amit Dhir, our Insights Lead says: "With patients’ day-to-day behaviours, moods and emotions constantly changing, it’s only by understanding contextual factors that we’ll be able to design interventions that are nuanced, targeted and crucially used."


Contingency 2020: Four Strategic Ways to Maintain Momentum Through Disruption | Perspectives

Four Rapid Response Approaches To Maintain Business Momentum


Breaking the Paradox of Stereotype in Engaging Neurologists | Blog

Many HCPs—neurologists included—need mechanisms to bridge the gap from emotional alignment with their patients to action by delivering on patient unmet needs.


Considerations and Implications of Mood Tracking Technology | Blog

In fact, it has been a central aspect of such things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), helping people to recognize and monitor the fluctuation of how they feel throughout the day.


Psychiatric Trials Supercharged by Otsuka’s Science 37 Collab | Blog

Holistic healthcare brand Otsuka Pharmaceutical has announced a promising partnership with Science 37, the trailblazing startup out of MIT that’s transforming clinical trials for everyone.