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Mythical Digital | Blog

Is digital healthcare being strong-armed by myths?


Digital & Social Strategy | Shared-accelerator

Digital & Social Strategy


Digital Therapeutics: Software as Treatments | Blog

On Friday, the Digital Pharma Innovation Day, Joel Sangerman, Chief Commercial Officer for Click Therapeutics, spoke on the topic of “Digital Therapeutics: Software As Treatments.”


New Physicians Prefer the Digital Experience | Blog

According to a study by CapGemini and Quantia MD, the digital experience of healthcare is growing rapidly, especially among new physicians. 2014 is the digital tipping point where Digital Natives outnumber Digital Immigrants.


SnackStat: Rock, Paper, Digital | Blog

New physicians are steadily tossing out the paper resources for digital channels.


Digital Pharma East 2018: All the Highlights | Blog

The Digital & Social Strategy Team recently traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


Digital Pharma East: Day 1 Recap | Blog

This week, the Digital & Social Strategy Team traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


The Digital Divide | Blog

This digital divide between families with access to broadband and technology and those without, is contributing to inequality across a variety of measures.


Digital Trends 2016: DPE15 Preview | Blog

Chris Iafolla and I just stepped off the big stage at Digital Pharma East.


Vision 2020: The maturity of digital | Blog

I had a bit of an epiphany recently when I realized that digital communications, like many of the people who work in our field, is a Millennial and, like other Millennials, is now in its adulthood.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase: What Does a Clinical Trial Look Like for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

Digital therapeutics, or DTx, are distinct from digital health products, and are driven by software programs that can be prescribed to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease, as stated by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.


Digital Pharma East: Day 2 Recap | Blog

The Digital & Social Strategy team is back at Digital Pharma East for Day 2.


Five Emerging Trends in Digital Health | Blog

Malay Gandhi, Managing Director at Rock Health came to Digital Pharma West to help us see the future through the changing investments of big digital health backers.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase 2019: Is This the Year of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

At this year’s Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase (part of Biotech Showcase), a panel of digital therapeutics (DTx) experts illuminated the status and future of their work, moderated by Syneos Health Commercial Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Baba Shetty.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: What’s Blocking the Adoption of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

With there being so many different stakeholders, including patients, providers and payers, panelists at the 2019 Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase pointed to a number of different adoption roadblocks—and successes.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: Is the Market Prepared for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

The answer, it seems, is neither yes nor no, and the panelists at 2019 Digital Medicine and MedTech showcase weighed in from a number of different perspectives.


Pharma's New Competition: Digital Health | Blog

We’re just a few years away from digital therapies taking on traditional medicines on their own turf: clinical trials, formularies, and prescription pads.


2014 Digital Trends: Exclusive iBook | Blog

This year our digital trendspotters are looking at eight trends set to change how healthcare marketers connect with people.


The Syneos Health Podcast: Digital Therapeutics | Perspectives

Our team discusses the digital therapeutics landscape, the opportunities for both biopharma and tech companies, regulatory and payer hurdles, and more.


2015 Digital Trends: New Report | Blog

GSW’s third report of their 4-part annual trends series: Digital Trends.


Are Customizable Applets The Future of Digital Medicine? | Blog

Domino’s has a history of leveraging digital technology to make pizza more exciting.


Has Healthcare Arrived on Digital Yet? | Blog

For the first time digital media spend numbers were made available via Kantar Media.


Fresh Stats—Pharma/Healthcare Digital Ad Spend | Blog

eMarketer’s latest numbers on Pharma’s digital ad spend are in, and the word of the day is growth.


Is healthcare fully embracing the Digital Opinion Leader (DOL)? | In The Media

Mike Collinson, Director of Digital Strategy and Madeline Rounds, Digital Consultant at inVentiv Health Medical Communications were featured in the July/August edition of Pharmaceutical Market Europe.


Using Digital Technology to Address Medication Adherence | Blog

What can digital technologies help us solve?


Inside the Gray Space of Digital Therapeutics | In The Media

Jennifer Kielmeyer, GSW, recaps the DTxDM conference, that brought together more than 200 senior decision-makers from digital therapeutics companies, pharma, investors, payers, and healthcare providers.


October 2018: At Digital Pharma East, Social Marketing for Clinical Trial Recruitment Took Center Stage | Newsletters

Our Digital & Social Strategy team traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference and presented original research that provides real-world patient insights into the effectiveness of digital advertising to speed clinical trial recruitment.


CES Digital Health Summit Day One | Blog

I’ve been to the Consumer Electronics Show a few years in a row now, but this is the first time I’ve been able to attend the Digital Health Summit.


Digital Health and the Medicare Population - A Love Story | Blog

“Even though it’s online you feel very much apart of the community” “Its just second nature for me now” These are quotes you might not expect a 70 year old, much less one who is discussing their digital health intervention, to say.


Voluntis + Sanofi's New Diabetes Therapy Goes Digital | Blog

Last week, pharmaceutical giant Sanofi and healthcare software pioneer Voluntis announced an expansion of their partnership focused on delivering digital therapy in the form of cutting-edge insulin titration tools.