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2018 Trends | Perspectives

Trends show us the latest customer expectations, and reveal data and clues about changing habits and preferences.


2015 Healthcare Trends Report | Blog

The 2015 Healthcare Trends report is here!


Trends for 2018 | Perspectives

Trends show us the latest customer expectations, and reveal data and clues about changing habits and preferences.


2015 Digital Trends: New Report | Blog

GSW’s third report of their 4-part annual trends series: Digital Trends.


2020 Health Trends: A Reflection on Our Trends Process | Blog

These trends are critical to understand as we move forward into our next decade of innovation, opportunity and influence.


2016 Health Trends Report | Blog

Our Health Trends report is fueled by clues, examples, stories and big ideas collected by more than 70 trend watchers from around the world.


15 Pharma Trends for 2020 | In The Media

Read our perspective in pharmaphorum and get your copy of our Trends report at Trends.Health.


2014 Consumer Trends: Exclusive iBook | Blog

Trends that are built on people’s day-to-day experiences with technology, culture, media, etc.


Trends that will drive 2018 Commercial Strategies | In The Media

2018 Commercial Trends report is featured in the March 2018 edition of PharmaVoice.


2015 Consumer Trends: New Report | Blog

The fourth and final trend report of the year: Consumer Trends.


2015 Trend Posters | Blog

Want a quick reference to all of the 2015 trends?


2015 Trends: Here We Go! | Blog

Well, it’s officially begun: 34 trend watchers* from the U.S. and Europe have weighed in with their picks for the top trends changing expectations (and brand opportunities) in 2015.


The “New” in Nutrition: What's Trending? | Blog

All trends come and go.


2014 Digital Trends: Exclusive iBook | Blog

Our most popular annual trends report, consistently read by tens of thousands of people throughout our industry.


3 trends to watch in pharma advertising in 2018 | In The Media

Read the full article below to learn about 3 trends to keep an eye on as 2018 begins.


2015 Marketing Trends: New Report | Blog

We’re excited to begin releasing our 2015 trends reports.


Launch Trends 2019 | In The Media

Thunicia Moodley, Senior Engagement Manager, Syneos Health Consulting discusses key 2019 trends for pharma launches in this PMLiVE article.


Trend: Period Activism | Blog

The former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is a passionate mother of two, the vice chair of her mother & father’s foundation and is speaking out on a trend we are following in 2017: Period Activism.


The 2021 Health Trends Series | Perspectives

As we worked with providers, innovators and experts around the world to understand the trends most likely to drive change in life science clinical and commercial engagement, twenty quickly stood out.


Trends Update: Healthcare In the 2020 That No One Saw Coming | Perspectives

Our 10th annual trends report came out just over six months ago— in what may now feel like a distant world.


The Syneos Health Podcast: The Health Trend Ten - Commercial Perspective | In The Media

The first of the two episodes on the 2019 Health Trend Ten discusses key commercial trends that will impact the healthcare industry going into 2019.


The Syneos Health Podcast: The Health Trend Ten - Clinical Perspective | In The Media

This episode of the 2019 Health Trend Ten discusses key clinical trends that will impact the healthcare industry going into 2019.


2014 Marketing Trends: Exclusive iBook | Blog

Twenty trend watchers in four cities across three countries had been collecting hints for months – small shifts, interesting data, compelling stories.


2019 Health Trend Ten | Perspectives

The 2019 Health Trend Ten from Syneos Health dives deep into challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.


Digital Trends 2016: DPE15 Preview | Blog

We had the great opportunity to preview our annual digital trends report with the marketers and technologists there.


The Key Consumer Trends Impacting the Future of Healthcare | Blog

To stay ahead of what’s to come, we examined several trends reports to curate a selection of the consumer trends that will be most impactful to healthcare brands and audiences.


Healthcare Trends 2020 – the Biggest Shifts Changing Lives and Life Sciences | In The Media

It’s probably safe to say that it’s not just a trend – it’s a crucial one.


Syneos Health Releases 2018 Commercial Trends Forecast | In The Media

The Commercial Forecast Joins a Series of Consumer, Digital, Communications and Healthcare Trends Reports that Reveals Shifts in Media and Medicine Impacting Stakeholder Engagement


Live from Trend Hunter Future Festival 2019 | Blog

Toronto-based innovation shop Trend Hunter has cranked out over 10,000 custom trends profiles in the past decade, and today they’ve compressed their annual 3-day innovation experience and taken their show on the road with an 8-hour intensive course.


Trends Changing Healthcare | Blog

Live from Cannes Lions Health: Andrea Bell, Director of Insight and Executive Editor at WGSN, shared her perspective on the top five trends changing healthcare.